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The 11+ exams are sat by students in Year 6, which governs admissions to secondary schools in the UK. The primary focus of the 11+ is most commonly Maths and English, and Verbal and Non-Verbal reasoning for some schools. 

We have a team of tutors who provide 11+ tuition, tailored to the needs of each individual student. Our tutors have  have extensive experience in the different areas of the 11+, supporting student who are applying to the most competitive schools, understanding each school's different requirements.

Our tutors have helped students gain entry to the following schools:

Westminster School

St Paul's School

Cheltenham Ladies' College

Wycombe Abbey

Eton College

Magdalen College School

Sevenoaks School

Dulwich College

We offer a fully flexible and transparent tuition package, charged at £39/hour.

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Edinburgh University

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Cambridge University

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Oxford University

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how our tutors help 11+ students 

  • Improve their understanding of mathematical concepts

  • Perfect their exam technique to increase speed and efficiency

  • Improve their reading and comprehension skills

  • Learn proven techniques to approach each type of questions

  • Identify areas of weakness to target for improvement

  • Prepare a study schedule up until the exams

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