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TutorChase Access

Widening educational support

As part of the Access programme, we provide free tuition in Tutorchase

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Trigonometry and graphs

Our Access Programme


Supporting Disadvantaged Students

TutorChase is committed to providing tuition and university application support to students from disadvantaged backgrounds. The aim being to help those who otherwise would not have the financial resources to obtain private tuition receive the extra educational support that that we offer as an organisation.


How our Access Programme Works

Our access programme works by pairing students with tutors, whom over the course of a number of sessions will help them prepare for a certain goal, whether that be achieving their desired grades in exams, helping them with their personal statement, or coaching them in preparation for a university interview. Rather than simply focussing on teaching subject specific knowledge, the programme is also centred around mentorship, where tutors will help students develop a broader set of skills which will help them achieve longterm educational success even after the programme has ended.


Free for Students

The access programme is completely free to eligible students and is in most cases is funded by TutorChase.


Over 50 partners trust us

We primarily recruit students into our access programme by working with schools, however we do take on students through other arrangements. For more information, please email info@tutorchase.com

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Flexible online tutoring to fit around your schedule


General criteria for selecting students for the programme

  • Receive free school meals or have a household income of less than £21,000
  • Attend a non fee-paying state school in the UK
  • Be predicted to or have achieved predominantly top grades (8s or 9s) at GCSEs
  • Have a written letter or recommendation stating the student’s potential
  • Be a UK resident

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