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IB DP Physics Questions

1.3 Vectors & Scalars

Question 1

Which of the following is a scalar quantity?

A. Velocity

B. Displacement

C. Speed

D. Force

Question 2

Two vectors of magnitudes, 5 units and 7 units, are added together. What is the maximum possible resultant magnitude?

A. 2 units

B. 5 units

C. 12 units

D. 15 units

Question 3

Which operation can convert a vector quantity into a scalar?

A. Addition

B. Subtraction

C. Scalar multiplication

D. Taking the magnitude

Question 4

If vector A represents 5 units east and vector B represents 3 units north, what is the magnitude of the resultant vector when A and B are added?

A. 4 units

B. 6 units

C. 8 units

D. 5.83 units

Question 5

Which of the following is NOT a vector quantity?

A. Acceleration

B. Momentum

C. Temperature

D. Weight

Question 6

a) Define a scalar quantity and provide two examples. [2]

b) A car travels 60 km to the north and then 80 km to the east. Calculate the magnitude of the resultant displacement of the car. [3]

Question 7

a) Explain the difference between a vector and a scalar quantity. [3]

b) A plane flies 150 km/h in a direction 30° north of east. Determine the eastward component of the plane's velocity. [2]

Question 8

a) Describe how vectors are represented graphically. [2]

b) Two forces act on an object: one of 5 N to the east and another of 12 N to the north. Calculate the magnitude of the resultant force on the object. [3]

Question 9

a) What is the significance of the direction of a vector? [2]

b) A boat travels 40 km to the west and then 30 km to the south. Calculate the magnitude of its resultant displacement. [3]

c) What angle does this displacement make with the west direction? [2]

Question 10

a) Define scalar multiplication and explain its effect on a vector. [3]

b) A force vector has a magnitude of 10 N and is directed north. What is its magnitude after undergoing a scalar multiplication by a factor of 2.5? [2]

c) If the original force vector was at an angle of 45° to the east of north, what will be its new direction after scalar multiplication? [2]

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