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Last Update: 10/09/2023

Safeguarding Policy

The effective date of this policy is 14 September 2023

TutorChase provides a matching service that introduces tutors to clients. To this end, it is not only right but essential to create and preserve a safe environment for young people to develop and grow. We take our legal and educational responsibilities seriously. We are committed to promoting children's welfare by following best practice guidance on safeguarding and expect our clients and anyone working with young people to adhere to these principles.

This policy applies to our clients, students, Tutorschase and their representatives or any other individual or organisation using our services.

1. Scope and Purpose:

The purpose of this Safeguarding Policy is to ensure:

  • Compliance with the following legislation and guidance, including the 'Working Together to Safeguard Children Guidance 2010, The Children Act 1989, the Children Act 2004, the Children and Young Persons Act 2008 and any other relevant legislation
  • To raise awareness of child protection and safeguarding issues and procedures. They ensure that procedures are in place for identifying and reporting cases of suspected abuse and are followed by tutors, clients and TutorChase staff and representatives.

2. Responsibilities when working with young people

Everyone working with young people must follow and promote the principles of this policy and;

Adhere to their duty to safeguard and promote young people's welfare.

Ensure that all client or student meetings and sessions adhere to the applicable guidance on such activities and are safely conducted.

Tutor guidance and teaching should be restricted to the educational context and relevant academic areas.

No one should obtain or use any contact details or other information which might affect the anonymity or the Client/Tutor's professional relationship.

Clients or students should not meet tutors professionally or personally before, during or after the engagement unless it has been agreed in writing.

Clients and Tutors must ensure that the Sessions occur in an appropriate environment that does not display inappropriate images or activity.

Clients or Tutors must not engage in, encourage, use or condone inappropriate behaviour or illegal activity during sessions.

Clients or anyone working with young people must ensure that all verbal or written language and comments made when carrying out Sessions must not offend, discriminate or bring TutorChase into disrepute.

Young people must be treated fairly and without prejudice or discrimination. Clients who have a disability or come from a minority ethnic or cultural group may be vulnerable to becoming victims of discrimination and prejudice, which may impact the student's well-being.

All contact with young people must be appropriate and befitting the teaching environment.

Client, tutor or student contributions must be valued at all times.

The client must report any dispute with a tutor, young person, responsible adult, or another tutor to TutorChase management.

Clients must report any inappropriate behaviour or illegal activity identified by the young person or third party during a session.

Sessions may be recorded and available for review by the client, tutor, responsible adult or young person.

Clients or anyone working with young people must be vigilant at all times. If they identify any signs or indications that a young person is being abused or is engaged in or the subject of any criminal activity, or the young person discloses information to the tutor or others relating to welfare issues which do not constitute criminal activity or abuse but impact the Child's welfare, they must notify TutorChase, the police or any relevant authority.

Clients must follow the above and may face legal action if any part of this policy is breached.

3. Compliance

Clients, tutors, young people, TutorChase staff or representatives are responsible for familiarising themselves with this Safeguarding Policy.

Any person found carrying out any illegal activity whilst using TutorChase's services or the Website will be reported to the police and may be barred from the system.

Any client, website user or tutor reported or found causing harm to a young person, including bullying, harassment or sexual abuse, will be reported to the police and banned from the system.

4. Review:

TutorChase regularly reviews this Safeguarding Policy and Safeguarding Procedure to ensure it is adequate and relevant and complies with National safeguarding standards.

All parties concerned will be notified of relevant changes by amending this policy or by email.

5. Miscellaneous

TutorChase does not automatically ask to view Tutor's DBS checks unless requested by the client. Clients may request to see a Tutor's DBS check before a Project begins. The client must verify the status of a Tutor's DBS check and determine if they would like to proceed with the tutor.

Clients may request that Tutors undertake the HSQE CPD-accredited Safeguarding Children Level 1 course before the Project begins. Please go to https://hsqe.co.uk/course/safeguarding-children/ for more information.

TutorChase does not tolerate any form of abuse by Clients or Tutors. Clients who violate this policy will have their Projects terminated and may be reported to the relevant authority.

For further information on this policy, please get in touch with TutorChase at:

71-75 Shelton Street,

London, WC2H 9JQ

United Kingdom

Or email us at info@tutorchase.com

This policy was updated 14 September 2023