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With TutorChase, your school can access high-quality tuition, subsided through through the National Tutoring Programme if in the UK.

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Who are TutorChase?

At TutorChase, we offer highly-flexible online tutoring opportunities to students around the UK and beyond. Every single one of our tutors has studied at a top UK university, like Oxford and Cambridge, after achieving near-flawless grades in their A-Level and GCSE exams. With a track record of success and a team of expert subject tutors across all exam boards, we’re the perfect solution for those that need some additional support in their studies.

Our expert online tutors also have experience working with international students, with our knowledge pool covering everything from A-level exams and IB to GCSE, admissions exams, and more. No matter what online tuition you’re looking for, we’ll be able to partner you with a tutor that can help you succeed.

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What is the National 
Tutoring Programme?

The National Tutoring Programme started back in 2020, created by the UK government to help schools and pupils that were most affected by the pandemic. This platform subsidises online tuition for schools around the UK, helping students connect with TutorChase’s top tutors that will guide them through their academic studies.

Within the NTP, schools can get over 70% of their online tutoring sessions subsidised by the UK government, helping their students thrive with premium GCSE and A-Level tuition. Since it was founded, the NTP has delivered over 1,500,000 online tutoring courses to students in need.

How does TutorChase work with the National Tutoring Programme?


As an NTP partner, schools can book tutoring sessions with our tutors and get them covered through the National Tutoring Programme scheme. No matter whether you’re looking for Maths, English, Science, Humanities, Languages, or any other subject we offer at KS2, KS3, GCSE, and A-Levels, we’ll be able to organise sessions with a highly-qualified online tutor for your students.


At TutorChase, we’ve partnered directly with Oxford University to provide tutoring to disadvantaged students. Our joint efforts are part of the Oxford University Access Programme, which intends to give students of all backgrounds an equal opportunity within the world of education.


TutorChase has a history of helping students excel, with our strong partnership with students that have studied at Oxford and Cambridge, as well as other top institutions, making them the perfect solution to help your student thrive. Our world-class tutors have come from a range of different backgrounds, sitting different exams and achieving top grades.


At TutorChase, we carefully select our tutors, letting only the most qualified online tutors onto our platform. That’s why whenever you partner with one of our tutors, you know they’ll be able to deliver highly-personalised sessions that create high-impact learning.


From local UK schools to top international schools around the world, TutorChase has helped thousands of students achieve top grades in their exams.

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"TutorChase successfully provided online tutoring to students who are part of the access programmes Opportunity Oxford and Aim for Oxford. The students have provided positive feedback, stating that the tutors are really friendly and approachable and have a thorough understanding and cater the lessons to what the student needs."

Edwin Director of Development, St Anne's College, University of Oxford

Professionals at
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Only qualified


Our NTP tutors have a world-class academic background

  • Every single one of our online tutors goes through a difficult interview process, where their teaching skills and academic qualifications are put to work. With this in place, only the very best tutors become official TutorChase tutors and work as our National Tutoring Programme partners.

  • With a broad range of backgrounds, we have tutors that have experience with every possible path through education. From IGCSEs and IBs, GCSEs and A-Levels, or a set of international qualifications, we’ll have a tutor that’s excelled in the process and can help your students to thrive.

  • There’s a reason that we’re one of the best online tutoring companies in the UK; we have a proven track record of helping students reach top grades, while also building their confidence and exam technique skills. Our tutors have received incredible reviews and testimonials from parents, students, and teachers alike. When choosing TutorChase as your NTP partner, you’ll have all your bases covered.


Online tutoring made easy

What is the tuition partner aspect of the National Tutoring Programme?

The Tuition Partner section of the National Tutoring Programme puts schools and pupils in touch with any of the NTP partners. As a partner, schools can order bulk lessons from TutorChase and then get their total cost subsidised through the NTP. Typically, the Tuition Partner route of the NTP will subsidise 70% of the total cost of these lessons, meaning that schools can access first-class online tuition at a fraction of the price. This allows students to learn from highly-qualified online tutors and build their confidence and skills in their problem subjects.

How does the National Tutoring Programme work?

The National Tutoring Programme allows schools to select a tuition partner, like TutorChase, and then access a bulk set of tutoring sessions with them. The available subjects depend on the level which the student is focusing on:

  • Primary School - Numeracy, Science, Literacy.
  • Secondary - Maths, Science, English, Modern Foreign Languages, Humanities.

If your students are aged between 5-16, you’re able to sign up to the NTP platform and start booking lessons. These lessons are typically 50 minutes - 1 hour, and can be delivered in a 1:1-6 format, depending on the style of learning which suits your students best.

These NTP sessions are all delivered as online tutoring, with TutorChase’s tutors being able to access an online lesson space where they can give lessons to students.

What are the benefits of the National Tutoring Programme?

The benefits of the NTP are vast, allowing disadvantaged students to access phenomenal GCSE tutors for any subject that they’re struggling with. Due to the additional strain placed on teachers within UK public schools, the support that online tuition can provide could be the difference between a student passing a GCSE or A-Level subject and narrowly missing out.

Equally, the NTP gives students around the UK the ability to have someone that will actively shape their study skills, give them advice on how to improve, and someone that will facilitate an improvement in both their academics, but also their approach to learning and confidence in a certain subject.

In short, the NTP allows students that are struggling or being left behind in their school studies the chance to make a real difference to their learning. At TutorChase, our top tutors can help a student reach their academic goals and flourish in school.

What are the best National Tutoring Programme partners?

With years of experience in helping students reach top grades in their IGCSE, GCSE, IB, A-Level, and admissions exams, TutorChase is one of the best online tutoring companies in the UK. Our tutors are carefully selected out of the best UK institutions, each one having years of tutoring experience alongside a glittering academic record.

With their background, our team of expert online tutors will help your students thrive while in the National Tutoring Programme. The NTP will subsidise a large percentage of the total cost, making this a cost-effective way of accessing the best online tutors.

How to find a tutor near me with the National Tutoring Programme?

The NTP was specifically created during the pandemic to bridge the gap between the distinct access to education that different schools in the UK were being provided. Due to this, the vast majority of NTP partners are online tutoring companies. As one of these, TutorChase provides online tuition to students that are currently working through the NTP.

With online tuition, your school is able to access classes with ease, with a tutor and student both accessing an online lesson space. With no need to travel and no geographical limitations, you’re able to put your students in touch with the UK’s top online tutors, helping them work towards a top grade in their exams.

Get in contact with the TutorChase team to see exactly how we can support your students through the National Tutoring Programme. Our subject coordinators will walk you through the whole process and make signing up to our platform as easy as possible.

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