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Qualified Tutor | MSc Chemical Engineering

I'm Aleem, an IB and IGCSE Chemistry maestro. My passion goes beyond just teaching: I aim to lay a robust foundation for students, empowering them to excel in exams and ignite their journey into STEM fields. With a hands-on, results-driven approach, I've witnessed my students transition from chemistry learners to budding scientists.



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Imperial College London:Master's in Chemical Engineering (2012)

University of Oman:Bachelor of Science in Chemistry (2009)

IB :Chemistry Examiner (HL/SL)/Certified Instructor

Al Sahwa Schools:A-Levels: Chemistry (A*), Maths (A), Biology (A), Sultan School: IGCSE: Chemistry (A*), Biology (A*), Maths (A), Physics (A)

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Tutoring Experience

For over a decade, I've been shaping the next generation of chemists. I started at an elite school in Muscat, later expanding my reach through private tutoring. My students frequently top their classes, with many pursuing prestigious STEM careers. My proudest moments are when they return, sharing tales of their academic and professional triumphs, attributing their success to the foundation we built together.

Tutoring Approach

Chemistry isn't just about memorizing reactions; it's understanding the why and how. My sessions are interactive and application-focused. By correlating concepts to real-world applications, I ensure deep understanding. Regular mock exams and feedback sessions hone their examination techniques. My ultimate aim? To not just help students pass, but to instill a profound appreciation for the beauty and possibilities of chemistry.


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