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The London School of Economics - BS Politics

As a London School of Economics (LSE) alumnus, I bring a wealth of expertise accumulated since 2018. My primary goal is to foster a relaxed and welcoming environment where students feel at ease to inquire and engage. I am committed to delivering an educational experience that is not only enjoyable but also intellectually stimulating and rewarding.


Curriculum:A-Level GCSE IGCSE

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The London School of Economics:BS Politics

A-Level:Qualified Online Tutor (Politics, History and French)

GCSE/IGCSE:Qualified Online Tutor (History, Maths and French)

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Personally Interviewed

Our tutors go through a rigorous selection process, having been interviewed to assess their teaching skills and subject knowledge. They have extensive tutoring experience with a track record of success, helping students achieve their academic goals.

Tutoring Experience

Throughout my sixth-form career (2018-2020) I tutored various GCSE French student’s one-on-one weekly, who were struggling in class. This involved reading and practicing essays, grammar exercises, reviewing class-assigned homework and practising pronunciation and conversational French.

Further, I mentored History GCSE and A-level students both in group settings and in one-on-one environments. This involved teaching and explaining content, reviewing and analyzing primary and secondary history sources as well as writing essay plans and marking essays. For A-level students, I was able to assist students develop as they adjusted to the transition from GCSE to A-level as well as worked to enhance their confidence in writing advanced essays.

Between 2019 and 2020, I served as Politics school-wide subject representative in which I mentored Year 12 Politics students, gave presentations and held group activity sessions with early secondary school students to encourage early involvement and interest in politics.

I also have experience helping young children (Year 2) with reading, spelling and literacy through volunteering at numerous public libraries. Further, I have experience teaching science to groups of year 7-9 students by conducting basic experiments and participating in relevant subject-based activities.

Tutoring Approach

History/Government and Politics Tuition Approach

Firstly, in both GCSE and A-level, the subject content differs slightly depending on the exam board, so I would review the specification for the student’s relevant board and structure my tuition approach according to the content. I will go over specific topics that the student particularly finds challenging, at a slower pace, with frequent check-ins to make sure there is a clear understanding. But depending on the student’s needs I will adapt my teaching to a student’s needs and goals; sessions will range from lessons, knowledge-checks, revision classes and exam practice as required.

Within the sessions we will critically engage with and analyse primary sources and practice writing essay plans with a specific focus on exam technique. Closer to the exam period, I will focus on past-paper questions to allow the student to practise exam technique and get used to the examination process and timings.

My aim is to allow the student’s knowledge and skills grow so they can confidently take the exam, as I understand how tricky exams can sometimes be!

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