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University of Manchester: PhD Chemical Engineering

As an enthusiastic Chemistry graduate from the University of Manchester with a PhD in Chemical Engineering, I am deeply passionate about helping students understand and love Chemistry and Maths. I studied the International Baccalaureate and GCSE in the UK, excelling in Higher Level Chemistry and Mathematics. Chemistry is a fantastic world I eagerly share with my students.


Curriculum:GCSE IGCSE IB

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University of Manchester:BSc Chemistry (2007-2010), PhD Chemical Engineering (2010-2014)

IB:41 points. HL Chemistry, Mathematics; SL English, Physics, Biology. A - Chemistry EE. B - Theory of Knowledge

GCSE:Mathematics (A*), English Language (A*), Chemistry (A*), Physics (A*), Biology (A*), German (A*), French (A*)

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Tutoring Experience

Over the past 9 years, I have had the privilege to tutor IGCSE and IB Chemistry to students worldwide with 500+ hours of experience. I have helped students understand and appreciate the complexities of the subject, be it organic, inorganic, or physical chemistry. My students have improved their grades significantly, gaining confidence in the subject. I have had the pleasure to mentor students whose grades soared from a predicted 4 to an accomplished 7 in IB Chemistry.

In addition to this, I've been an examiner for IGCSE Chemistry papers for 3 years, a role that provided me with valuable insight into what examiners are seeking in answers. I have also led practical lab sessions at the university level, demonstrating critical techniques and safety measures. My strong rapport with my students, as well as their parents, has always been something I pride myself on.

Tutoring Approach

Chemistry is a subject that many students find daunting, but I believe that with the right approach, it can become exciting and gratifying. My approach is to first identify the areas that a student is struggling with and then break down those topics into manageable chunks. I often use everyday examples and analogies to illustrate complex concepts, aiming to make learning more engaging and less intimidating. Once the basics are mastered, we move onto tackling exam-style questions, honing problem-solving skills and boosting confidence.

For the challenging IB Extended Essay, I provide constructive feedback on drafts and guide students on structuring their essays, formulating a compelling argument, and developing a coherent line of inquiry. Beyond just teaching facts, I encourage critical thinking and an appreciation for how Chemistry shapes our world. My ultimate goal is not only to prepare students for their exams but also to inspire a lifelong curiosity about the subject.

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