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Based in Dubai, I am a Mathematics graduate from University College London with a solid passion for teaching. Upon completing my degree, I returned to the UAE and spent five impactful years teaching A-Level and IGCSE Maths at a leading international school, consistently aiming to inspire and nurture an enduring love for mathematics in my students.


Curriculum:GCSE IGCSE A-Level

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University College London (UCL):BSc Mathematics (2015-2018)

A-Levels:Mathematics (A*), Further Mathematics (A*), Physics (A*) IGCSE: 8 A*s, 2 As

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Our tutors go through a rigorous selection process, having been interviewed to assess their teaching skills and subject knowledge. They have extensive tutoring experience with a track record of success, helping students achieve their academic goals.

Tutoring Experience

Over the past five years, I have carved a niche for myself as an A-Level and IGCSE Maths tutor at a renowned international school in the UAE. I have facilitated over a thousand hours of both group and one-on-one sessions, transforming complex mathematical theories into relatable concepts for my students. My experience spans different mathematical disciplines including Algebra, Trigonometry, Calculus, and Geometry, enabling students to appreciate the interconnectedness of these areas.

I have a track record of aiding students to significantly improve their grades and mathematical confidence. Beyond the classroom, I have provided extra support to struggling students and have often been praised by parents and colleagues for my dedication to students' academic growth. As a testament to my effectiveness, many of my former students have proceeded to study STEM-related courses at university level.

Tutoring Approach

I believe that every student has a unique learning style, and my tutoring approach is built on this understanding. To initiate my sessions, I assess the student's strengths and areas for improvement to develop a tailored tutoring plan.

In my approach to A-Level and IGCSE Maths, I take great care to simplify and elucidate complex mathematical concepts, ensuring students grasp the underlying principles. By relating these concepts to real-life situations, I help students see the relevance and applicability of what they learn.

I utilize a variety of teaching resources, including past exam papers, to familiarize students with the examination format and to build their problem-solving skills. I provide constructive feedback on their solutions, refining their techniques and boosting their confidence in tackling challenging questions.

Regular review sessions are conducted to reinforce learned topics, while simultaneously instilling effective revision habits. Above all, I strive to foster a supportive and engaging learning environment where students feel motivated to explore, question, and conquer the world of mathematics.

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