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Cambridge University - BA Education, English, Drama & the Arts

I am a passionate, multidisciplinary tutor with a degree in Education, specialising in English, Drama, and the Arts from the University of Cambridge. Boasting over three years of experience, I have mentored students and guided throughout the university admissions process, in addition to crafting bespoke resources focused on exam techniques and preparation. This ensures personalised support for each student at every stage of their educational journey.


Curriculum:A-Level GCSEIGCSEAdmissions

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The University of British Columbia:Master of Arts in Children's and Adolescent Literature (2023-2024)

Cambridge University:Bachelor of Arts in Education, English, Drama & the Arts (2019 - 2022)

A-Level:Qualified Online Tutor (English and History)

GCSE/IGCSE:Qualified Online Tutor (English and History)

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Our tutors go through a rigorous selection process, having been interviewed to assess their teaching skills and subject knowledge. They have extensive tutoring experience with a track record of success, helping students achieve their academic goals.

Tutoring Experience

While at university, I spent my time helping others. I worked with an education group and there, I helped students who had less advantage in getting into Oxbridge and doing well in their A-Level exams.

At the same time, I also worked with the Cambridge Admissions Office as a CAMbassador. I helped run classes and residential programs for students who wanted to apply. I also taught in the Takatsuki Global Leaders Programme, where I showed students how to write persuasively, create good academic presentations, and improve their people skills.

All these experiences made me love education even more and taught me about the importance of making education accessible for everyone.

I will shortly be pursuing an MA in Children’s Literature at the University of British Columbia. As a researcher, I’m passionate about critical discourse analysis, digital literacy and fandom studies - all exciting new branches of theory which I see as potentially meaningful routes to educational equality for marginalised young people.

Tutoring Approach

As the first person in my family to attend university, I bring a unique perspective to each of my tutoring sessions. I understand the importance of organisation & thorough preparation - especially when it comes to navigating the complexities of the Oxbridge admissions system. I work closely with my students to create a personalised tuition plan, which addresses both potential gaps in their subject knowledge and helps them identify the ‘spark’ will underpin their application.

My approach to A Level tutoring is similarly detailed. I look for creative ways to help students manage the demands of their subject, and refine their critical thinking & analytical to produce the thoughtful written responses which examiners are looking for. This includes providing additional reading beyond the curriculum, which will help broaden their intellectual perspective and strengthen their wider communication skills.

At the beginning of every tutoring journey, I ensure to set clear expectations - accounting for both my ambitions for a student and what they’d like to get out of the process. I’m especially passionate about tutoring being a collaborative experience. I strive to develop a positive, professional relationship with every student, with the aim of building their confidence and ultimately helping them achieve their full potential.

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