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University of Athens: MA in Economics and BA in History

Born and raised in Athens, I'm an IB Economics and History aficionado with a passion for sharing knowledge. My multilingual background enriches my teaching, enabling me to connect with students from diverse cultures. I've always believed that understanding the past shapes our perspective on the future, particularly in economics.



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University of Athens:MA in Economics (2015-2017) and BA in History (2010-2014)

IB:Higher Level Economics (7), Higher Level History (7), Greek (7), English (6), Maths (6)

Greek Language Proficiency:C2

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Tutoring Experience

Over the past 8 years, I've had the privilege to guide numerous IB students in both Economics and History. I've collaborated with both national and international schools in Athens, reinforcing course materials and offering exam strategies. Several of my students have gained entrance to prestigious universities worldwide. Through my multilingual background, I've also been able to assist foreign students in understanding the intricacies of both subjects more contextually.

Tutoring Approach

My philosophy revolves around making complex concepts relatable. By intertwining historical events with present-day economic scenarios, I encourage students to see patterns and draw connections. This holistic approach ensures that learning isn’t just about rote memorization but about understanding the 'why' behind concepts. Being multilingual, I sometimes use language as an analogy – just as phrases have context, so do historical events and economic theories. When necessary, I switch between languages to make a concept clearer. It's all about building bridges of understanding, ensuring that the student not only excels academically but also appreciates the depth and beauty of the subjects.

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