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University of Helsinki: BSc, Hons, Maths

Born and raised in Helsinki, I am a dedicated IB and IGCSE Maths tutor with a knack for languages. I'm fluent in Finnish, English, Swedish, and French, adding a multicultural dimension to my teaching. My academic journey in Maths, combined with my linguistic passions, makes me uniquely suited to connect with students from various backgrounds.


Curriculum:GCSE IGCSE IB

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University of Helsinki:BSc, Hons, Maths, First Class Honours

IB:43 points

IGCSE:10 A*s (Maths, Additional Maths, Finnish, English, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Swedish, French, Global Perspectives)

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Tutoring Experience

For over 8 years, I've been bridging the gap between understanding and application for students in Maths. I began my journey by tutoring peers during my own school days, which ignited a passion for education. Later, during my time at the University of Helsinki, I mentored IB students, helping them grapple with complex mathematical concepts. Many of these students showed significant improvement in both their confidence and grades. Additionally, I've led several Maths workshops during summers, focusing on real-world application of theoretical concepts. I take pride in the fact that many of my former students have gone on to pursue careers in STEM fields.

Tutoring Approach

Every student is a unique individual, and my approach is tailored to each one's needs. I start by assessing their current understanding of the subject. We then set tangible goals for our time together. My multilingual background allows me to explain complex concepts in multiple ways, often using language as a tool. This ensures that understanding is deep-rooted. Interactive discussions form the core of my sessions, fostering an environment where questions are encouraged. I believe that mistakes are stepping stones to learning; hence, I use them as teachable moments. Drawing inspiration from the Finnish education system, I ensure our lessons are a blend of theory, application, and critical thinking.


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