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Université Libre de Bruxelles: MSc in Molecular Biology

Hailing from the heart of Brussels, I am a passionate IB Biology tutor. I blend my traditional teaching style with the ever-evolving IB curriculum, ensuring students not only grasp but thrive in the subject. Over the years, I've not just taught biology, but have aimed to instill a lasting love for the natural world in my students.



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Université Libre de Bruxelles:MSc in Molecular Biology (2010-2014)

A-Level:Biology (A*), Chemistry (A), French (A*), Geography (A)

IB:Biology (A*), Chemistry (A*), French (A*), Maths (A), History (A), Music (A*), English Literature (A), English Language (A*), Art (A)

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Tutoring Experience

Embarking on my teaching journey straight out of university, I've now accumulated over eight years of tutoring experience. Between 2014 and 2016, I trained and assisted at two major IB schools in Brussels, helping students to dramatically improve their grades, particularly in their internal assessments and extended essays. Since 2016, I've chosen to focus on one-on-one tutoring, working with over 50 students and achieving a 95% success rate of my students scoring 6 or 7 in their final IB exams. Many have gone on to pursue degrees in life sciences, a testament to their grasp of the subject. I also conducted workshops during the summer months to provide intensive training for students in need, ensuring they are primed and ready for the upcoming academic year.

Tutoring Approach

My tutoring strategy is threefold:

Personalized Learning: Every student is unique, and I always prioritize understanding their individual strengths and areas of growth. This helps me tailor my lessons accordingly, ensuring the best outcomes.

Traditional Techniques with Modern Insights: My teaching style may be traditional, but I constantly update my methodologies with the latest in the world of IB Biology, ensuring students are always ahead of the curve.

Real-world Applications: Biology is everywhere. I ensure that every lesson is peppered with real-life examples, making it more relatable and easier for students to grasp and remember. This not only makes the subject more interesting but also ensures that students can see the practical applications of what they're learning.

Group discussions, brainstorming sessions, and mock tests form the core of my approach. Continuous feedback ensures that students always know where they stand and what they need to improve upon.

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