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Cornell University - Cognitive Science and Biology

My name is Freya, and I am an enthusiastic student currently enrolled at Cornell University, slated to graduate in the class of 2025. My academic pursuits are deeply rooted in Biology, Cognitive Science, and Music, reflecting a broad spectrum of interests. During my secondary education, I achieved the distinction of salutatorian, securing the second highest academic standing among approximately 370 peers. Additionally, I have demonstrated a strong commitment to my studies by successfully completing 9 AP courses, showcasing my dedication and passion for learning.

Teaches:BiologyMathsCalculusUS AdmissionsEnglish

Curriculum:AP Admissions

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Admissions:Qualified Online Tutor (SAT and ACT)

Advanced Placement:Qualified Online Tutor (Biology, Maths and Calculus)

Cornell University :Cognitive Science Major, Biology and Music Minors (2021-2025)

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Personally Interviewed

Our tutors go through a rigorous selection process, having been interviewed to assess their teaching skills and subject knowledge. They have extensive tutoring experience with a track record of success, helping students achieve their academic goals.

Tutoring Experience

- Privately tutored students one-on-one in Math, Biology, English, French, and SAT/ACT prep (students have received admission to schools such as Yale and Johns Hopkins).
- Assisted with College Applications and edited/delivered advice on personal essays.
- For all of my approaches, I revise my methods based on student feedback in order to achieve the best results while also making sure the student is comfortable.

Tutoring Approach

STEM Approach

I believe the most valuable learning comes from the process rather than the outcome, so I focus specifically on teaching the student why their answer is right. I help students create note sheets that outline the most important topics, and then we go over the concepts to make sure they understand. I also use a practice problem approach where we walk through the problems together to make sure they understand the application of the concepts they have learned.

SAT/ACT Approach

I normally ask students to take a practice test before we work together so I can see what we need to focus our lessons on. From there, I find more practice problems that we can go over together to make sure they understand. For math, I also can reteach concepts that may have been forgotten or that students do not understand as well. I believe the most valuable way to prepare for these tests is to drill practice problems and make sure students completely understand the correct answer and why it is correct.

Admissions Approach

I believe that the most important part of the admissions process is truly understanding yourself. Because of this, I work with students to help them come up with a story they want to tell that really reflects who they are to the admissions officers, instead of just sharing what they think the officers want to hear. Having applied to college recently during the pandemic, I believe I have a unique and specialized approach in which I use my first-hand experience and what I have learned to help my students. I can help with essay brainstorming, outlining, and editing, advising on what schools to apply to, putting together the actual application, and preparing for interviews.

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