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PGCE Qualified Teacher | BSc Mathematics and Statistics

I have almost ten years of experience as a maths teacher and tutor at a UK university. With expertise as a Statistician, I specialize in handling data using tools like R, Minitab, Matlab, and Latex. Teaching maths is my passion, especially inspiring younger minds. My focus is on the detailed maths of Game Theory. Beyond my university role, I assist students at various levels, offering personalized guidance and effective teaching methods for success in maths studies.



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International Baccalaureate:Qualified Online Teacher (Maths and Statistics)

GCSE/IGCSE:Qualified Online Teacher (Maths)

Admissions:Qualified Online Teacher (STEP)

Degree Qualifications:Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and Statistics

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Tutoring Experience

For almost ten years, I've been a maths teacher at a university in the UK. As a Statistician, I handle big sets of data using tools like R, Minitab, Matlab, and Latex. I'm also an SMSAS Ambassador at a top university, where I teach maths to inspire younger students.

I'm really into the detailed maths of Game Theory—that's my special area. Outside of my university job, I help students with maths at different levels. I use personal guidance and effective teaching methods to make sure students really get the hang of the subject and do well in their maths studies.

Tutoring Approach

In my teaching, I focus on giving each student personal help and using methods that work well. I want students not only to understand math but also to do really well in their studies. I adjust my teaching to how each student learns best, helping them really grasp the subject and build a strong foundation. My aim is to make students feel confident and successful in their math studies.

I pay attention to what each student needs, creating a learning environment where they can connect with the material deeply. This special way of teaching goes beyond just memorizing facts, making students genuinely like math and giving them the skills to do well in both school and real-life situations.

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