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University of Edinburgh: Bachelor's in English Literature, University of Oxford: Master's in Education

I am a dynamic IB and A-level English and English Literature tutor based in Dubai. Utilizing interactive teaching methods, I aim to engage my students fully in their learning journey. My lessons are rich with quizzes, discussions, role-playing, and multimedia content, ensuring a fun yet impactful learning experience.

Teaches:English LiteratureEnglish

Curriculum:A-Level IB

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University of Edinburgh:Bachelor's in English Literature

University of Oxford:Master's in Education

Certified in Teaching:A-levels and IB; TEFL/TESOL certification

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Tutoring Experience

My tutoring journey began five years ago in the UK, where I taught A-level English at a renowned high school for two years. This experience gave me a strong foundation in understanding the A-level curriculum and developing effective teaching strategies. I then moved to Dubai and began tutoring IB English and English Literature online. Over the past three years, I've had the privilege of guiding a diverse set of students towards academic success. My unique blend of traditional and interactive teaching methods has proven successful in keeping students engaged and motivated in their learning. I believe in the power of personalized teaching, adjusting my methods to suit individual learning styles and academic needs. This personalized approach has consistently led to improved grades and increased confidence in my students.

Tutoring Approach

As an educator, my approach is centered on creating an interactive and engaging learning environment. I use quizzes and discussions to encourage active participation, role-playing to enhance understanding of literary characters and themes, and multimedia content to bring lessons to life. I strive to make each session enjoyable while maintaining academic rigor. My goal is to foster a deep appreciation for English and literature in my students while helping them achieve their academic goals. I regularly provide feedback and encourage open communication to ensure I am meeting each student's needs and continually improving my teaching strategies.

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