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Oxford University: BA History

I'm Maddie, an Oxford history graduate, I have a keen understanding of historical events to spark interest and improve academic performance in my students. With more than 300 hours of tutoring under my belt, I specialise in transforming historical data into captivating stories, making the learning process fun and memorable for my students.

Teaches:HistoryEnglish LiteraturePoliticsEnglish

Curriculum:GCSE IGCSE A-Level

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Oxford University:BA History

A-Levels:History (A*), Politics (A*), English Literature (A*)

GCSE:10 A*s including History, English Literature, and Politics

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Tutoring Experience

With over 300 hours of tutoring experience, I've worked with diverse age groups ranging from young learners preparing for their GCSEs to university students seeking to deepen their understanding of historical complexities. My student-centric approach allows me to identify each individual's unique learning style, enabling me to tailor my tutoring strategies for optimal results. My students have shown significant improvement in understanding, performance, and passion for history, attributing their success to my method of interweaving historical narratives with academic learning. I pride myself on making history more accessible and less intimidating, bridging the gap between textbooks and real-world historical phenomena.

Tutoring Approach

I believe in developing an interactive learning environment that fosters curiosity and engagement. My tutoring approach pivots around transforming historical events into intriguing stories, making the learning process more enjoyable and less of a memory game. For each topic, we delve deep into the societal implications, unraveling the causes and effects, and comparing historical events with current global happenings. This helps students draw parallels and understand the real-world relevance of their learnings. I also encourage students to question and analyze, building their critical thinking and problem-solving skills essential for their future endeavors.

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HikingReading Historical NovelsAmateur Photography

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