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Cambridge University - MB Masters BChir

Prior to attending university, I achieved top grades, securing 4 A*s in A-Levels across Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Mathematics, along with 10 A+ grades in SPM. I firmly hold the view that it is essential to equip every motivated student with the comprehensive resources and information necessary during the university admissions process. This support is crucial as it not only boosts their confidence but also inspires them to excel further.


Curriculum:A-Level GCSEIGCSE Admissions

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Cambridge University:BA Medicine (2022)/MB BChir (2025)

Cambridge Admissions:Qualified Online Tutor (Personal Statements and Mock Interviews)

A-Level:Qualified Online Tutor (Biology, Chemistry and Mathematics)

GCSE/IGCSE:Qualified Online Tutor (Biology, Chemistry and Mathematics)

Vetted Tutor

Personally Interviewed

Our tutors go through a rigorous selection process, having been interviewed to assess their teaching skills and subject knowledge. They have extensive tutoring experience with a track record of success, helping students achieve their academic goals.

Tutoring Experience

Previously, I had experience in teaching mental arithmetic to primary school students.

In summer 2020, I was involved in tutoring prospective medical students for admissions tests (UCAT/BMAT), personal statement writing and interview skills via a workshop which I organised in partner with a Malaysian Educational Consultant. Using my knowledge and experience, I helped to demystify the admission process and gave tips necessary for a successful application.

I also have experience organising Mock Interviews and Supervisions for students. In these sessions, we discussed degree-level topics to emulate the academic discussions often present in Oxbridge Medicine Interviews.

Currently, I am a tutor under various educational consultants, and my students come from different countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia and UK.

Tutoring Approach

University Admission

Personal Statement: I will help students to craft their personal statement in a way that appeals to admission tutors at selective institutions, by helping them to develop academic ideas and self-reflection from various work experience, showing their academic flair. I will also provide super-curriculum which introduces them to degree-level topics. This will also benefit them during the interview stage and will be useful for tackling BMAT Section 3.
Admission tests:

For UCAT, students will be asked to attempt a full test to identify their weakness and strengths. From there, we will work on specific sections by going through past year questions, helping students familiarize with the different styles of questions and developing their own strategies since time is the biggest enemy in UCAT.

For BMAT, I will recommend wider reading for section 3. By practising essay writing within a timed manner, this allows students to develop their ideas in a clear and coherent manner, while addressing the topic of interest from both sides of the argument. Section 2 often requires students to be familiar with A-levels Biology, Physics, Chemistry and Maths. BMAT Section 1 is a little trickier, and I will help students by going through past year questions and even TSA questions, to sharpen their critical thinking skills.

Interview: My experience of applying to various medical schools with different interview formats allow me to provide valuable feedbacks to students via mock interviews. I will also coach students to develop their personal and academic ideas in a more constructed manner, as well as presenting their train of thoughts by thinking out loud.


These lessons will be tailored towards the student’s needs. This can be done by testing their knowledge with past-year questions and going through some of the more difficult concepts in detail.

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