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Durham University: BSc (Hons) Natural Sciences

As a recent Natural Sciences graduate from Durham University, I have a fresh understanding of the challenges students face in grasping IB Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. My approach intertwines theoretical knowledge with practical applications to make learning more relatable and enjoyable. Excitingly translating complex scientific theories into layman's terms is my specialty.


Curriculum:A-Level IB

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Durham University:BSc (Hons) Natural Sciences (Biology, Chemistry, Physics) (2020-2023)

A-Level:Biology (A*), Chemistry (A*), Physics (A*), Maths (A*)

GCSE:Biology (9), Chemistry (9), Physics (9), Maths (9), English Literature (9), English Language (9), Geography (9)

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Our tutors go through a rigorous selection process, having been interviewed to assess their teaching skills and subject knowledge. They have extensive tutoring experience with a track record of success, helping students achieve their academic goals.

Tutoring Experience

Having graduated recently, my tutoring journey is relatively new but filled with success stories. I've tutored several IB students over the past year, and their improvement has been significant. My understanding of the latest IB curriculum is up-to-date, which has been instrumental in helping students grasp the concepts effectively. With a consistent focus on concept clarity, I aim to make learning a joyous process rather than a daunting task.

Tutoring Approach

My approach to tutoring is rooted in active learning. I encourage my students to participate, question, and delve into the concepts they're learning. I believe this helps solidify their understanding and makes the learning process more dynamic and enjoyable. Furthermore, I integrate real-world examples into my lessons, helping students understand the relevance of what they're studying. Lastly, I create a friendly and open environment, where students can freely express their doubts and apprehensions.

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