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University of Toronto: BA in English Literature and Political Science

I am a recent graduate and a motivated tutor based in Abu Dhabi, specializing in teaching A-Level and IGCSE English and Politics. With a knack for conveying complex ideas in a comprehensible manner, I aim to create an encouraging and interactive learning environment that fosters intellectual curiosity in my students.


Curriculum:GCSE IGCSE A-Level

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University of Toronto:BA in English Literature and Political Science (2023)

TEFL Academy:TEFL Certificate Level 5 (2023)

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Tutoring Experience

As a fresh graduate, I've had the chance to work as an assistant tutor during my final year at university, gaining hands-on experience in the educational field. I've also led various study groups and workshops, where I focused on breaking down complex topics in English and Politics into simpler, more digestible concepts.

Tutoring Approach

My teaching approach is centered on communication and understanding. I aim to simplify complex concepts by breaking them down into smaller, more manageable ideas, and illustrate these with visual aids, diagrams, and real-world examples. I believe that students learn best when they actively engage with the material, so I strive to create a dynamic, interactive classroom environment that encourages questions and discussions. Furthermore, I regularly check in with my students to ensure they understand the content, adjusting my explanations as needed. In addition, I maintain detailed records of student progress, using these insights to further personalize my teaching methods and strategies. Above all, I am committed to fostering a love for learning in my students and helping them to see the relevance and applicability of their studies to the world around them.

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