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American University of Beirut: BA in English Literature and BA in Economic History

As an ambitious, vibrant, and highly-motivated graduate of both English Literature and Economic History, I am dedicated to sharing my passion for learning with my students. I pride myself on my ability to break down complex topics into easily digestible parts. Being a Muscat native, I understand the local culture and education system well, aiding in my effective teaching methods.

Teaches:HistoryEnglish LiteratureEconomicsEnglish

Curriculum:GCSE IGCSE A-Level IB

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American University of Beirut:BA in English Literature (2023) and BA in Economic History (2023)

A-Level:English Literature (A*), History (A*), Economics (A*), Arabic (A*)

IGCSE:9 A*s including English Literature, History, Economics, Arabic, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Business Studies

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Tutoring Experience

I have spent the past three years tutoring IB English, History, and Economics. I am adept at creating a stimulating learning environment that encourages students to express their thoughts and seek clarity. I have had the privilege to mentor diverse students, and their enhanced academic performance and critical thinking skills are testimonies of my expertise. I also have significant experience assisting students with coursework and exam preparation, ensuring their full understanding and success.

Tutoring Approach

I believe in empowering students with the tools to dissect intricate concepts, transforming them into more manageable chunks. For English, my approach is anchored in exploring various literary styles and drawing connections between texts and our daily lives. For History, we dive into the intersections between past and present events to spark insights. And in Economics, I make use of real-world case studies to make the subject more tangible. Interactive discussions, role-plays, debates, and technology are integral parts of my teaching method, and I am always responsive to the unique learning styles of my students.

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Theatre actingSwimming

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