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Cambridge University - BA Economics

I am an Economist by training and profession, teacher by nature and passion! I read Economics at Cambridge (Selwyn College!), and have 4 years of experience as a real-life economist and data scientist. I love teaching, and in particular, I love teaching Economics. It's what I live and breathe on a daily basis, and I love sharing that with students.


Curriculum:A-Level GCSE IGCSE Admissions

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Cambridge University:BA Bachelors of Economics (2016-2019)

A-Level:Qualified Online Tutor (Economics)

GCSE/IGCSE:Qualified Online Tutor (Economics)

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Tutoring Experience

I've been teaching Economics, Mathematics, Econometrics, and Data Science for 8 years - since I was 19.

My journey in teaching has covered A-level Economics, tutoring for both UK and US personal statements, undergraduate-level economics and econometrics, and professional data science.

Tutoring Approach

As a practicing economist in a central bank, I bring a lot to the table when I teach Economics. I don't just give students a strong theoretical grounding; I give them invaluable exposure to the "real world" applications of Economics in policymaking.

My students also learn to become ultra-fluent with economics data, thus grounding their studies in actual empirical facts.

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