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Oxford University: BSc Experimental Psychology

I'm an Oxford-educated psychologist, having achieved distinction in my degree. As an A-Level and IB Psychology tutor, I've dedicated the last 5 years to nurturing the minds of the future. An alumnus of the IB programme myself, I achieved a full score of 45 points, focusing on Psychology, English, and Biology at the Higher Level.


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Oxford University:MSc Psychological Research (2016-2017)

Oxford University:BSc Experimental Psychology (2013-2016)

IB Diploma:45/45: HL Psychology, English, Biology; SL Mathematics, Chemistry, Spanish

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Tutoring Experience

Over the past five years, I've successfully tutored more than 200 students in A-Level and IB Psychology, with many gaining top grades and placements at elite universities. I've covered all aspects of the curriculum, from the intricacies of psychological studies to mastering extended essay writing.

In addition to this, I spent a year teaching English to non-native speakers in Spain, acquiring a TEFL certificate in the process. My work as a research assistant at Oxford further honed my ability to simplify complex theories into understandable concepts, a skill I've applied directly to my tutoring.

I take pride in my ability to connect with my students, fostering a learning environment that encourages curiosity and critical thinking. Through my years of tutoring, I've learnt to adapt my methods to suit individual learning styles, helping each student unlock their potential

Tutoring Approach

The first step in my approach is to gauge the student's existing knowledge of psychology, pinpointing areas of strength and weakness. I use this information to tailor my lessons, ensuring I focus on areas that need the most support.

With essay writing, I help students to structure their thoughts effectively and to analyse psychological studies critically. For exams, we delve into past papers, working through questions and honing their test-taking strategies.

When it comes to IA's, we brainstorm together, thinking critically about potential research questions. Once the student has produced a draft, I give detailed feedback on the structure, content, and academic writing style, aiding them in refining their argument.

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