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University of Glasgow - BA Modern Languages and Comparative Literature

Hello, my name is Zad, and I am pursuing a BA in German Language and Comparative Literature at the University of Glasgow. I offer tuition in German and Spanish at the International Baccalaureate, beginner, and intermediate levels, having assisted students since 2019.



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University of Glasgow:BA in German Language and Comparative Literature (2016-2021)

International Baccalaureate:Qualified Online Tutor (German and Spanish HL/SL)

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Tutoring Experience

My tutoring journey started in secondary school when I tutored my classmates in Modern Languages and Biology.

In 2019, I began tutoring online, and until now I’ve tutored over one thousand one-to-one classes in Spanish, German and Croatian alongside finishing my degree in German Language and Comparative (a.k.a World) Literature.

Tutoring Approach

My classes are highly student-specific. Students have different interests and goals, but most importantly, they have different learning styles.

I've worked with students who are dyslexic and highly visual; students focusing solely on the conversational aspect of language-learning, as well as students who simply prefer memorising rules and vocabulary lists. For every student, I create a Microsoft Office document with summaries of past classes, completed with comments on the performance and notes on to what needs to be revised further in the upcoming lessons.

I get my materials from a variety of websites, a pile of grammar workbooks I've collected over time, and some updated GCSE/IB books I bought for tutoring purposes. However, in my own language-learning journey, TV, music, and books have played the biggest role because they had me fall in love with the aforementioned languages, which consequently made - and still makes - learning much easier.

TV, books, and music are also great for expanding vocabulary and strengthening grammar knowledge. This is why I am wholeheartedly dedicated to using Netflix, Spotify and books in my tutoring practice; hoping students will discover similar passion for the language they study.

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“Zad has provided excellent tuition in Spanish for my daughter. She came top of her class in her Spanish spoken test this year due to practice with Zad!”

GCSE parent

“Thank you for all the help over the past couple of years. Ricky got a distinction in his exams. You are amazingly patient with him and guided so well”

GCSE parent

“Zad has helped me understand the essentials of Spanish in a fun and interactive way. She tutored in a way that accommodated the IB Spanish ab initio course very well. I would definitely recommend to anyone learning Spanish!”

IB student


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