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Cambridge University - BA History

My passion for education stems from excelling in my A-Levels in French, History, and Latin, and studying these subjects at the University of Cambridge. I believe that the key to academic improvement is cultivating genuine interest, so my tutoring approach is engaging and tailored to each student's unique needs, fostering a shared enthusiasm for the subject matter.


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University of Cambridge:BA History and Modern Languages, French (2020-2024)

International Baccalaureate:Qualified Online Tutor (History and French HL/SL)

A-Level:Qualified Online Tutor (History and French)

GCSE/IGCSE:Qualified Online Tutor (History and French)

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Our tutors go through a rigorous selection process, having been interviewed to assess their teaching skills and subject knowledge. They have extensive tutoring experience with a track record of success, helping students achieve their academic goals.

Tutoring Experience

I have been tutoring for four years, beginning with small groups of GCSE History and English Language students at my school. Building on this, since February 2021 I have gained over 65 hours of tutoring experience, both in person for local students and online for students living across the UK. I have given French lessons to beginners through to A-level students, and have experience of the WJEC and AQA exam boards.

For the past year, I have offered support with applications to study History and Modern Languages at top UK universities. This has included Oxbridge interview mentoring and assistance with MML entrance exams. One student I supported through the interview process went on to receive an offer for History at Christ’s College, Cambridge, while another whom I mentored for five months was able to meet their offer from Christ’s to study History and French.

As a student ambassador at Cambridge, I have led seminars for groups of A level History students. For these, I have led debates on historical documents, encouraging students to think critically about the source and link it with wider historical themes. My focus is on engaging students and helping them develop their analytical skills.

Tutoring Approach

French Tuition Approach

My approach is individualized, focusing on each student’s goals and identifying what you find most challenging. I will always begin by establishing your current level and what you want to achieve from tutoring. As part of this, I will draw up a teaching plan, so that you can make the most of lessons and independent study time. I will bring enthusiasm and a sense of humor to lessons, and will provide lots of encouragement alongside constructive feedback. This way, we can ensure maximal progress while making lessons something you can look forward to.

Lessons themselves will always be interactive, beginning with an introduction to some new vocabulary or a key grammar point, and following this with exercises in the foundational skills of reading, listening, writing and speaking that will allow you to demonstrate your understanding. Each lesson will be student-driven: you will be able to choose the topics we cover based on what you need to pass your specific exam, and we will set goals based on what I notice you are struggling most with. I am happy to provide resources to support your independent studying.

History Tuition Approach

The focus of history tuition will be to consolidate your knowledge of the periods you are studying, by going over what you have covered in school and supplementing this with useful revision materials. Having a strong essay technique is also crucial to success in history exams, so lessons will be centred on developing analytical skills and the ability to think critically.
I will encourage you to challenge your own preconceived ideas and think of arguments that catch the examiner’s attention, while taking into account all sides of the historical debate. We will draw up essays and essay plans to ensure that you feel confident answering any question in an exam, and we will practise source analysis so that you are comfortable contextualizing and evaluating historical documents.

University Applications Tuition Approach

To help with university applications, I will use all the tips I have picked up by applying to Cambridge and helping younger students receive and meet offers. The key to writing a successful personal statement is to show passion for your subject and the ability to think independently, so lessons will focus on establishing your strengths and interests and finding a novel way to discuss these.

I will also provide guidance and feedback on the written work you wish to submit, and can offer mock interviews in the style you can expect at Oxbridge: some source analysis, followed by a discussion of your written work and interests within your subject. Throughout the sessions, I will help you develop key skills for an Oxbridge application, such as the ability to make connections, defend your point of view and show an appreciation of nuance within a debate.

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“Alex has been fantastic and my daughter's confidence quickly improved. My daughter’s French teacher phoned me in April to tell me how well she was doing!”

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