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Oxford University - Mathematics and Statistics

During high school, I always challenged myself to go to different contests and Olympiads learning how to work efficiently, but also how to have enough patience to solve a hard problem. From my past experience, I do believe that Maths require understanding specific problems rather than solving a lot of exercises. I would like to help students with university Maths admissions exams but also those who want to do Maths at a higher level like national or international Olympiads.


Curriculum:A-Level GCSEIGCSEAdmissions

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Oxford University:Mathematics and Statistics

Oxford Admissions:Qualified Online Tutor (MAT)

Admissions:Qualified Online Tutor (Personal Statements and General Admissions Guidance)

A-Level:Qualified Online Tutor (Mathematics and Further Mathematics)

GCSE/IGCSE:Qualified Online Tutor (Mathematics and Further Mathematics)

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Tutoring Experience

I am a first-year student at Oxford studying Mathematics and Statistics. I have been tutoring for mock interviews in the UK, and providing lectures for Maths and Statistics for over a year now.

Tutoring Approach

Mathematics means practice so I will provide for my students interesting and meaningful problems related to their questions in order to truly understand the respective concept.

Moreover, I am focusing more on teaching the idea of the problem rather than working without any purpose.

When students give me a question, I will show them how to approach it and then the step-by-step proof.

My intention will be to help students to develop their mathematical skills after every lesson, but also how to have the right approach to any maths problem

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