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Oxford University - BA Jurisprudence

As a graduate of Oxford with a degree in Law, I bring four years of dedicated tutoring experience, specializing in preparing students for the LNAT and guiding them through the university law application process.


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Oxford University:BA Jurisprudence (Law)


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Tutoring Experience

With four years of experience as a private tutor, my expertise lies predominantly in guiding students through the university admissions process for Law. During this tenure, I have been affiliated with four distinguished tutoring organizations and have also managed a successful independent tutoring practice.

Moreover, I have had the opportunity to conduct LNAT workshops at the London School of Economics (LSE), where I have led classes through the intricacies of both sections of the LNAT test. My adaptability was particularly showcased during the COVID-19 lockdown, as I seamlessly transitioned these workshops to a virtual format using Zoom, ensuring uninterrupted learning for students.

In addition to my tutoring roles, I also serve as an education consultant specializing in Oxbridge admissions. In this capacity, I have made significant contributions to an e-book dedicated to mastering the Oxbridge Law interview process. This role allows me to impart a wealth of knowledge and strategies to aspirants, further enhancing their prospects of success in these highly competitive interviews.

Tutoring Approach

Drawing on my extensive preparation and achieving a high score of 39 out of 42 in the LNAT, I have developed a deep understanding that, while the LNAT is fundamentally an aptitude test, it is largely teachable. My approach focuses on the patterned nature of Section A's questions. Through thorough training, I ensure my students are adept at handling each question type they might encounter in this section. My resources are comprehensive, including a wealth of LNAT materials and past papers, which I actively share with my students to enhance their preparation.

In my Section B lessons, I adopt a thematic approach. We delve into various theoretical frameworks such as liberalism, paternalism, utilitarianism, and more, examining their nuances. This exploration serves as a foundation for understanding and applying these concepts to the LNAT essay questions. Additionally, I emphasize the importance of being conversant with current news stories, a skill crucial for success in this section. My feedback on students' essays in Section B is both personalized and clear, aimed at fostering their analytical and writing skills.

Furthermore, I offer access to a selection of my LNAT success tips, available on the Jesus College, Oxford website. In my sessions, I not only review these tips but also provide additional insights and strategies tailored to my students' needs.

Understanding the variability of Oxbridge interviews based on the college, I have gathered firsthand insights from friends and contacts at Oxbridge regarding their interview experiences. Leveraging this information, I have curated a set of realistic mock Law interviews. These simulations are an integral part of my coaching, designed to prepare students thoroughly for the diverse interview scenarios they may face at Oxbridge.

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