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University of Oxford - BA History

I graduated with a First Class Bachelor of Arts in History from Mansfield College, Oxford, and am excited to continue my academic journey at Oxford, pursuing a Master of Studies in Global and Imperial History. I am passionate about adopting interdisciplinary methodologies, delving into the intricate ways history intertwines with Literature, Anthropology, and Art, and I actively advocate for such a comprehensive approach to understanding historical narratives.


Curriculum:A-Level GCSE IGCSE Admissions

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University of Oxford:MSt Global and Imperial History (2021-2022)/BA History (2018-2021)

A-Level:Qualified Online Tutor (History, English Literature and Classical Civilisations)

GCSE/IGCSE:Qualified Online Tutor (History, English Literature and Classical Civilisations)

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Personally Interviewed

Our tutors go through a rigorous selection process, having been interviewed to assess their teaching skills and subject knowledge. They have extensive tutoring experience with a track record of success, helping students achieve their academic goals.

Tutoring Experience

As an undergraduate at Oxford I have delivered numerous academic taster sessions (mock tutorials and interviews) for prospective students. I am excited to share my advice on interviews, personal statements and admissions tests. Having been admitted to a graduate history course at Oxford, I am confident I can help provide excellent personal statements.

Tutoring Approach

Oxbridge Tuition Approach

Personal statement:
Above all Oxbridge personal statements demonstrate curiosity and genuine interest in the chosen field. I can help students create interesting perspectives to talk about their own experiences and interests for example, thinking about history through the lens of literature or art. I encourage students to read around their school work and watch or even attend seminars where possible to enrich their personal statements.

Admissions Test (HAT):
I firstly breakdown how the HAT works and what the tutors are looking for before going through at least two past papers with the student. I provide extra source material to give prospective students more practice, beyond the few past papers available online.I then encourage the students to undertake times practice which I will mark and provide feedback for.

I will firstly break down how the interview process works and what exactly the tutors are looking for, information which I have procured through my own experiences and conversations with admissions tutors. I will practice the three distinct styles of interviews (source based, essay centred, personal statement focused). I can provide source material similar to that which appears in interviews and go through this, which is also useful for admissions test practice. I also provide mock interview practice based specifically on the student’s personal statement.

History Tuition Approach

I tailor my tutoring to specific exam syllabuses to provide effective A Level history tuition. I am happy to cover a wide variety of histories including but not limited to Africa, Russia, the GDR, and America in the 20th century, as well as 16th-17th century England. I specifically work on developing essay answers and structure to secure the best exam performance. I am happy to provide an hour either for discussion or for retuning feedback on written work. I also encourage students to think more broadly and introduce new theoretical concepts and historiography to enrich A Level work.

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