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Why do we use a line of best fit in graphical analysis?

We use a line of best fit in graphical analysis to find a trend or relationship.

In physics, we often use graphs to represent data collected from experiments. A line of best fit is a straight line that represents the trend or relationship between the data points on a graph. It is used to make predictions about future data points or to estimate values that were not measured.

To draw a line of best fit, we must first plot the data points on a graph. Then, we draw a line that passes through the majority of the points, with an equal number of points above and below the line. The line should also be as close as possible to all the points.

The slope of the line of best fit can be used to determine the relationship between the variables being measured. If the slope is positive, then the variables are directly proportional. If the slope is negative, then the variables are inversely proportional. If the slope is zero, then there is no relationship between the variables.

Overall, a line of best fit is a useful tool in graphical analysis as it allows us to make predictions and draw conclusions about the data being presented.

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