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What caused the collapse of the French Directory?

The French Directory collapsed due to political corruption, economic instability, and a lack of public support.

The French Directory, established in 1795, was a five-member committee which governed France. However, it was plagued by corruption and political instability, which ultimately led to its downfall. The Directory was seen as corrupt and self-serving, with members often accused of taking bribes and using their positions for personal gain. This led to a loss of public trust and support, which was crucial for the survival of any government.

Economic instability was another major factor that contributed to the collapse of the Directory. The French economy was in a state of chaos following the French Revolution, with rampant inflation and a lack of stable currency. The Directory was unable to effectively address these issues, leading to further economic decline. This economic instability resulted in widespread dissatisfaction among the French populace, further eroding the Directory's support base.

The Directory also faced significant opposition from both the royalists, who wanted to restore the monarchy, and the Jacobins, who sought a more radical form of government. This opposition led to a series of coup attempts, further destabilising the government. The Directory responded with repressive measures, which only served to alienate more of the populace.

The final blow to the Directory came in the form of a coup led by Napoleon Bonaparte in November 1799. Napoleon, a popular military leader, capitalised on the Directory's weaknesses and the public's dissatisfaction to seize power. The coup marked the end of the French Directory and the beginning of Napoleon's rule as First Consul of France.

In conclusion, the French Directory was brought down by a combination of political corruption, economic instability, and a lack of public support. Its inability to effectively address these issues and the opposition it faced from various factions led to its eventual collapse.

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