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What triggered the Russian withdrawal from WWI?

The Russian withdrawal from WWI was triggered by the Bolshevik Revolution and the subsequent signing of the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk.

The Bolshevik Revolution, which took place in November 1917, was a significant turning point in Russian history and had a profound impact on the country's involvement in World War I. The revolution was led by Vladimir Lenin and his Bolshevik party, who were staunchly opposed to the war. They believed that Russia's participation in the conflict was a result of the imperialistic ambitions of the ruling elite, and they promised to end the war if they came to power.

Upon seizing control, the Bolsheviks immediately began negotiations with Germany to withdraw from the war. These negotiations culminated in the signing of the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk in March 1918. The treaty was heavily in favour of Germany, with Russia losing a significant amount of territory, including Ukraine, Belarus, and the Baltic states. However, the Bolsheviks were willing to accept these terms in order to fulfil their promise of ending Russia's involvement in the war.

The situation in Russia prior to the revolution also played a role in the country's withdrawal from the war. The Russian army was ill-prepared for the conflict, suffering from poor leadership, inadequate supplies, and low morale. The war had also taken a heavy toll on the Russian economy, leading to widespread food shortages and civil unrest. These factors, combined with the growing dissatisfaction with the Tsarist regime, created a fertile ground for the Bolsheviks' anti-war message.

In conclusion, the Russian withdrawal from World War I was a complex process influenced by both internal and external factors. The Bolshevik Revolution and the subsequent signing of the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk were the immediate triggers, but the country's withdrawal was also a result of the broader social, economic, and political conditions in Russia at the time.

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