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What was the impact of the Mexican Revolution on literature?

The Mexican Revolution significantly influenced literature, leading to the emergence of a new literary genre, the Revolutionary Novel.

The Mexican Revolution, which took place from 1910 to 1920, was a period of significant social and political upheaval. This tumultuous era had a profound impact on all aspects of Mexican society, including literature. The revolution led to the emergence of a new literary genre known as the Revolutionary Novel, which sought to depict the realities of the revolution and its impact on the Mexican people.

The Revolutionary Novel was characterised by its focus on social issues and its depiction of the harsh realities of life during the revolution. These novels often featured characters from the lower classes, who were typically marginalised in traditional literature. They portrayed the struggles and hardships faced by these individuals, providing a stark contrast to the romanticised depictions of the upper classes that were common in pre-revolutionary literature.

One of the most famous examples of the Revolutionary Novel is Mariano Azuela's 'The Underdogs' ('Los de Abajo'), which was published in 1915. This novel tells the story of a peasant soldier during the revolution, providing a gritty and realistic portrayal of the conflict and its impact on ordinary people. Azuela's work is often credited with establishing the conventions of the Revolutionary Novel and influencing subsequent writers.

The revolution also led to a shift in the themes and subjects explored in Mexican literature. Prior to the revolution, Mexican literature was heavily influenced by European styles and themes. However, the revolution sparked a renewed interest in indigenous culture and history, leading to the incorporation of indigenous themes and characters in literature. This shift was part of a broader cultural movement known as the Mexican Renaissance, which sought to create a distinctively Mexican cultural identity.

In conclusion, the Mexican Revolution had a profound impact on literature, leading to the emergence of the Revolutionary Novel and a shift in the themes and subjects explored in Mexican literature. This period marked a significant turning point in the development of Mexican literature, shaping its trajectory for decades to come.

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