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How did the Cold War impact the formation of Israel?

The Cold War influenced the formation of Israel by shaping international alliances and influencing the decisions of major powers like the US and USSR.

The Cold War, a period of geopolitical tension between the Soviet Union and the United States following World War II, had a significant impact on the formation of Israel. The establishment of Israel in 1948 was a complex process, influenced by a variety of factors, including the aftermath of the Holocaust, Zionist movements, and the British mandate in Palestine. However, the Cold War context also played a crucial role, as the two superpowers sought to extend their influence in the Middle East.

The United States was the first to recognise the State of Israel, a decision driven by President Truman's sympathy for the plight of Jews post-Holocaust, but also by the strategic desire to prevent Soviet influence in the region. The Truman Doctrine, which aimed to contain communism, was a significant factor in this decision. The US saw Israel as a potential ally in a region where many countries were leaning towards socialism or had strong ties with the USSR.

On the other hand, the Soviet Union also supported the formation of Israel, albeit for different reasons. The USSR was the first country to recognise Israel de jure, hoping that the new state would be socialist and could become a Soviet ally in the Middle East. However, this expectation was not met as Israel leaned towards the West.

The Cold War also influenced the attitudes of other countries towards the formation of Israel. Many Western countries, aligned with the US, supported the creation of Israel. In contrast, countries within the Soviet sphere of influence or with significant Muslim populations were more likely to oppose Israel's formation, leading to the Arab-Israeli conflict.

In conclusion, the Cold War had a significant impact on the formation of Israel. The geopolitical rivalry between the US and the USSR shaped international responses to Israel's creation and influenced the new state's alliances. While the Cold War was not the only factor in Israel's formation, it was a significant element of the international context in which the process took place.

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