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What is the Oxford supervision system for postgraduates?

The Oxford supervision system for postgraduates is a unique tutorial system that provides personalized academic support.

At the University of Oxford, postgraduate students are assigned a supervisor who guides them throughout their studies. This supervisor is an expert in the student's field of study and provides individualized attention and support. The supervision system is designed to foster independent thinking and critical analysis skills.

The supervision system at Oxford is different from traditional lecture-based teaching methods. Instead of attending large lectures, postgraduates have regular one-on-one or small group meetings with their supervisor. These meetings are usually held weekly or bi-weekly and provide an opportunity for in-depth discussions and feedback on the student's work.

During these meetings, postgraduates are expected to present their research or coursework to their supervisor. The supervisor then provides constructive criticism and guidance to help the student improve their work. This personalized feedback is invaluable in helping postgraduates develop their academic skills and deepen their understanding of their subject.

In addition to the regular meetings, postgraduates also have access to their supervisor via email or other communication channels. This allows them to seek clarification or ask questions outside of the scheduled meetings. The supervisor is there to provide guidance and support throughout the duration of the postgraduate program.

The Oxford supervision system is highly regarded for its effectiveness in nurturing independent thinking and academic excellence. It encourages postgraduates to take ownership of their learning and develop their own research interests. The close relationship between the student and supervisor also creates a supportive and collaborative environment, where students can freely discuss their ideas and receive expert guidance.

Overall, the Oxford supervision system for postgraduates offers a unique and personalized approach to learning. It provides the necessary support and guidance for students to excel academically and develop their research skills.

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