Best Tutoring Companies in the USA

Best Tutoring Companies in the USA

10 min Read|February 06 2024

Explore the top 10 USA tutoring companies! Uncover quality, expertise, and tailored learning experiences designed to boost academic success.

The tutoring industry in the USA is a flourishing landscape, teeming with a diverse array of companies dedicated to fostering educational growth. These establishments are instrumental in bridging gaps in learning, offering personalised educational experiences tailored to individual student needs. A good tutoring company is marked by its exceptional cadre of educators, robust learning materials, and a proven track record of enhancing academic performance. They don’t just focus on grades; they are committed to instilling confidence and nurturing a lifelong love for learning in every student. Hiring a tutor isn’t a luxury but a pivotal step towards academic excellence. It’s an investment in personalised education, where learning is paced and styled for each student, ensuring not just improved grades but enhanced understanding, application, and retention of knowledge.

Dive in as we explore the crème de la crème of tutoring companies in the USA, your partners in navigating the academic journey with finesse.

10 - Chegg Tutors

Chegg Tutors is a renowned platform that has made a significant mark in the online tutoring landscape. Established in 2000, it has evolved from a message board for students at Iowa State University to a comprehensive educational resource offering textbook rentals, plagiarism checking services, and of course, tutoring.

Chegg is celebrated for its ease of access and the simplicity of connecting students with tutors. With over 2.9 million users, it’s a testament to the platform’s reliability and quality of service. The application process for tutors is straightforward, requiring verification of qualifications and identity, ensuring that students are paired with credible and knowledgeable educators.

Tutors on Chegg are paid a flat rate of $20 per hour, with payments made weekly via PayPal. The platform is globally accessible, allowing tutors from around the world to connect with students in need. Despite the competitive nature of the platform, especially during peak academic seasons, Chegg remains a preferred choice for many due to its consistent payment and diverse range of subjects available for tutoring.

However, it’s worth noting that the platform has a one-tier payment system, which might not be appealing for highly experienced tutors looking to charge higher rates. Also, the necessity of PayPal for receiving payments might be a limitation for some. Despite these, Chegg stands as a reliable platform for both budding and experienced tutors, offering a steady stream of students and consistent earnings.

9 - Skooli

Skooli is a dynamic online tutoring platform where confident learners are crafted. It stands as a beacon of academic support, offering students an equitable and affordable learning environment. The platform is tailored to provide academic support across all subjects from kindergarten to the 12th grade, ensuring that every student’s unique needs are met with precision.

Skooli’s strength lies in its extensive network of professional educators, each holding teaching licenses, Master’s degrees, or PhDs. This ensures that students are not just receiving help but are being guided by qualified and experienced tutors. The platform’s user-friendly interface, complete with live audio and video capabilities, enhances the learning experience, making it interactive and engaging.

One of the standout features of Skooli is its flexibility. Students can access immediate help 24/7, ensuring that support is available whenever needed. This is complemented by the option of high-dosage tutoring programs for those seeking intensive, regularly scheduled instruction. It’s a true 1:1 learning experience, designed to cater to the individual needs of each student.

Skooli is not just about immediate support; it’s a partner in the long-term academic journey of students. Schools and districts find a reliable ally in Skooli, a platform committed to supporting and accelerating the best student outcomes. Every feature, every tool is designed with the student’s academic growth in mind, making Skooli a preferred choice for holistic learning.

8 - Wyzant

Wyzant stands as the nation's largest network of tutors, boasting a community of over 65,000 expert tutors covering more than 300 subjects. Established in 2005, it has grown to become a hub where students and tutors converge for a personalized, impactful learning experience.

The platform is lauded for its simplicity and effectiveness. Students can easily choose a tutor, share their learning goals, and book lessons. Wyzant is confident in the quality of its tutors, offering a Good Fit Guarantee - if you’re not satisfied with your first hour with a new tutor, it’s free. This assurance underscores the platform’s commitment to delivering quality and satisfaction.

Wyzant’s Learning Studio is a fully-featured live online tutoring platform that has facilitated over 12 million lessons to more than 3 million students. With an average rating of 4.9, it’s evident that both tutors and students find immense value in the services offered. The platform is not just a space for learning but a community where real-world results are achieved, and academic goals are not just met but exceeded.

For tutors, Wyzant offers the freedom to set your own rates and the opportunity to make a significant impact in the lives of students. It’s a community where learning is personalized, and educational experiences are tailored to meet the specific needs of each student, making every lesson not just a learning opportunity but a step towards academic excellence.

7 - eTutorWorld

eTutorWorld is a distinguished platform offering premium online tutoring services tailored for K-12 students. The company is committed to bridging the gap between a child and academic excellence, providing individualised guidance that isn’t always achievable in traditional or virtual classrooms.

The platform is renowned for its customised, one-to-one K-12 online tutoring sessions, offering a blend of flexibility and personalisation. eTutorWorld goes beyond generic teaching methods, assessing each student’s unique needs and collaborating with parents to develop a bespoke learning curriculum. Every student is paired with a tutor possessing the requisite expertise and experience, ensuring an optimal learning journey.

eTutorWorld’s tutors are more than just educators; they are mentors dedicated to each child’s academic progression. Each tutor is meticulously selected, boasting over 400 hours of experience and training, and has undergone a rigorous vetting process to ensure they meet the platform’s high standards. The Learning by Design™ assessment, part of the first free lesson, is instrumental in identifying a student’s competencies and areas for improvement.

Flexibility is at the core of eTutorWorld’s offerings. The scheduling system is designed to accommodate each student’s individual pace, working within the academic calendar and considering the student’s schedule when crafting lesson plans. Every session is recorded, allowing both students and parents to review them for reference and reinforcement.

Recognised as one of the top online tutoring services, eTutorWorld offers a plethora of benefits including a free diagnostic assessment, flexible schedules, and personalised one-to-one live tutoring. The platform’s advanced, user-friendly technology, coupled with the Learning by Design™ teaching methodology, ensures students are set on a path to success, making eTutorWorld a preferred choice for comprehensive online tutoring.

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6 - TutorMe

TutorMe is a platform that believes in the power of personal connections in fostering student success. It stands out for its commitment to matching learners with the right tutors at the right time, ensuring that each student’s unique needs are addressed with precision and care.

The platform boasts over 1.3 million live sessions and Writing Lab submissions, underscoring its extensive reach and popularity among students. With an average rating of 4.8/5, TutorMe is a testament to the quality and effectiveness of its tutors. Each tutor on the platform is meticulously selected to ensure they possess the expertise and experience necessary to provide top-tier educational support.

TutorMe is not just a platform for students but also a valuable resource for schools, districts, and universities. It offers additional 1:1 support for K-12 students, alleviating the burden on teachers and staff, and provides colleges and universities with around-the-clock access to high-quality tutors. This multifaceted approach ensures that every learner, regardless of their level, has access to the personalized support they need to thrive academically.

For tutors, TutorMe presents an opportunity to make a tangible impact in the lives of students and educators across the nation. The platform is dedicated to recreating the way students access and receive high-quality, personalized tutoring, making it a hub where meaningful connections are forged, and academic excellence is nurtured. Every tutor is a vital part of a community committed to fostering better outcomes for students, educators, and the broader educational ecosystem.

5 - is a revered platform in the world of online education, offering 24/7, one-to-one academic and job support for learners ranging from K–12 through college and into their careers. A subsidiary of The Princeton Review, is a nexus of expertise and innovation in the educational sector.

With over 25 million sessions under its belt, the platform is a testament to reliability and quality. It boasts more than 3,000 expert tutors covering over 250 subjects, ensuring that every student finds the precise help they need, exactly when they need it. The introduction of High-Dosage Tutoring in collaboration with The Princeton Review underscores the platform’s commitment to offering accelerated learning gains, particularly in Algebra. is not just about numbers; it’s about impact. According to post-session surveys, 98% of users are glad their institution offers access to, 95% attest to improved grades, and 96% acknowledge enhanced homework completion rates. With an average rating of 4.7 out of 5, the platform stands as a beacon of quality and effectiveness in the educational landscape.

The platform’s multimodal instruction, characterized by empathy and privacy, ensures that students are not just learning but are engaged in an uplifting educational experience. Real-time analytics provide insightful, actionable information, making not just a tutoring platform but a comprehensive educational partner for students, parents, and institutions alike. Every feature is crafted with the learner in mind, making a preferred choice for those seeking a blend of quality, reliability, and innovation in online tutoring.

4 - Smarthinking

Smarthinking is a premier online tutoring service that offers students access to expert tutors across a range of subjects. With a focus on enhancing the educational experience, Smarthinking provides individualised support tailored to meet each student’s specific needs and learning style.

One of the standout features of Smarthinking is its accessibility. Students can connect with tutors around the clock, ensuring that help is always available whenever a question or challenge arises. This 24/7 availability is instrumental in providing timely support, particularly during exam periods or when urgent homework help is needed.

Smarthinking’s tutors are experienced professionals, each vetted to ensure they possess the requisite qualifications and expertise. The platform’s rigorous selection process ensures that students are paired with tutors who are not only knowledgeable but are also adept at providing clear, concise, and effective instruction.

The platform is user-friendly, designed to make the process of finding and connecting with a tutor as seamless as possible. Students can submit questions for asynchronous responses or engage in live, interactive sessions. Additionally, Smarthinking offers writing review services, where students can submit their essays and papers for professional feedback and suggestions for improvement.

In a nutshell, Smarthinking stands as a reliable ally for students seeking to bolster their academic performance. Its blend of accessibility, quality, and comprehensive support makes it a preferred choice for students aiming for academic excellence.

3 - Kaplan

Kaplan is a global powerhouse in the educational sector, with a history rooted in innovation and the expansion of educational access. For over 80 years, Kaplan has been a leader in the field, offering a diverse range of educational services and learning opportunities to students, professionals, and institutions.

Founded by Stanley Kaplan, the company was born from the idea of providing educational access based on academic merit, transcending barriers of background and privilege. Today, Kaplan is a multifaceted educational provider, offering test preparation, professional licensure, language training, and university partnerships, among other services.

Kaplan’s test preparation services are renowned, catering to high school students preparing for college entrance exams, graduate school candidates, and working adults seeking to advance their careers. With personalized preparation and private tutoring for over 100 standardized tests, Kaplan is a trusted partner for students at various stages of their educational journey.

In the realm of professional licensure, Kaplan stands as a premier provider, helping professionals in finance, insurance, real estate, and other fields obtain and maintain certifications and designations. The company’s commitment to quality and excellence is evident in its tailored educational experiences, designed to empower students to achieve their academic and career best.

Kaplan’s core values underscore its commitment to integrity, support, knowledge growth, diversity, inclusion, equity, and creating opportunities. With over 10,000 employees, 1.2 million students, and partnerships with over 4,000 educational entities across 26 countries, Kaplan is not just an educational provider but a global community dedicated to transforming lives through learning.

2 - Varsity Tutors

Varsity Tutors is a comprehensive learning platform that caters to a diverse range of educational needs. With over 16 years of experience, the platform has facilitated more than 10 million hours of one-on-one instruction, covering over 3,000 subjects. It’s a hub where quality, convenience, and personalized learning converge to offer an unparalleled educational experience.

The platform prides itself on offering a personalized learning experience. Every student’s needs are meticulously assessed, and a tailored learning plan is crafted to ensure optimal educational outcomes. With a network of over 40,000 rigorously vetted tutors, students are guaranteed top-tier instruction, tailored to their specific learning styles and academic needs.

Quality and convenience are at the core of Varsity Tutors’ offerings. The platform boasts a satisfaction rating of 4.9/5, underscoring the effectiveness and popularity of its services. Students can access a variety of learning formats, including one-on-one tutoring, live small group classes, on-demand lessons, and instant tutoring. This multifaceted approach ensures that every learner finds the precise support they need, exactly when they need it.

Varsity Tutors is not just a platform for academic support; it’s a comprehensive learning ecosystem. From academic tutoring to test prep, language learning, and enrichment classes, the platform offers a holistic educational experience. Its tech-enhanced learning experiences, powered by strategic integration of AI, ensure that students are not just learning but are engaged in a transformative educational journey. Every feature is crafted to make learning enjoyable, convenient, and highly effective, making Varsity Tutors a preferred choice for students, parents, and educators alike.

1 - TutorChase

TutorChase is not just a tutoring company; it’s a transformative educational experience tailored specifically for students in the USA. With a deep understanding of the diverse curriculums offered across the region, TutorChase has carved a niche in delivering personalised, impactful learning experiences that resonate with the specific academic and cultural nuances of American students.

The company’s success in the USA is underscored by its meticulous approach to tutoring, where every lesson is crafted with the student’s unique needs and regional curriculum in mind. Whether it’s AP, Honors, or any other specialized curriculum, TutorChase’s tutors are adept at navigating the intricacies of each, ensuring that students receive not just education, but a tailored learning journey that aligns with their specific academic context.

TutorChase’s tutors are its cornerstone. Each tutor is a gem, meticulously selected from elite universities including Oxford, Cambridge, and Harvard, and bringing a wealth of knowledge, expertise, and innovative teaching methodologies. The company’s strong partnerships with schools and universities across the USA amplify its reach, ensuring that every student, regardless of their location, has access to world-class tutoring.

Specialising in a wide array of academic levels including GCSE, IGCSE, A-Level, IB, and university admissions, TutorChase has mastered the art of versatility. Its services are not generic; they are a symphony of personalised interactions, each note crafted to resonate with the student’s specific academic needs, aspirations, and the educational standards of the region.

Take a look at their premium tutors for the following subjects levels:

With a stellar rating of 4.93 out of 5, the voices of satisfied parents and excelling students echo the undeniable impact of TutorChase. It’s not just about the grades; it’s about the transformation, the journey from potential to excellence, orchestrated by tutors who are not just educators, but mentors, guides, and partners in the student’s academic journey.

In the landscape of American education, TutorChase stands as a beacon of excellence, a harmonious blend of quality, personalisation, and a deep understanding of the regional educational landscape. Every session is not just a lesson but a step towards academic excellence, a dance of knowledge, innovation, and the unwavering commitment to turning academic potential into unparalleled success.

Finding the Right Tutoring Company For You

Navigating the world of tutoring can be daunting, but armed with the right information, finding the perfect fit becomes a seamless journey. Each tutoring company offers a unique blend of expertise, methodology, and specialisation. Your choice hinges on your specific needs, goals, and the curriculum you’re aligned with. Whether it’s the global prowess of TutorChase or the diverse offerings of other esteemed platforms, rest assured that there’s a perfect match for every learner. Dive in, explore, and let the journey to academic excellence be as enriching and transformative as the knowledge you’re set to gain. Your academic zenith awaits!


How do I choose the right tutoring company?

Choosing the right tutoring company involves considering several factors. Assess the company's reputation, the qualifications of their tutors, and the range of subjects offered. Consider your child’s specific needs and learning style, and look for companies that offer personalised learning plans. Always check reviews and, if possible, get recommendations from other parents or educators.

Are online tutoring services effective?

Absolutely! Online tutoring offers flexibility and convenience that traditional tutoring can't. With advanced interactive tools, students can engage in real-time with experienced tutors from the comfort of their home. It’s a personalised, interactive, and effective learning experience, backed by technology to track and enhance students’ progress.

How often should my child have tutoring sessions?

The frequency of tutoring sessions depends on your child’s specific needs. For intensive learning support, daily sessions might be beneficial. However, for ongoing assistance with homework or preparation for exams, a few times a week can be sufficient. Always ensure the schedule aligns with your child’s pace and comfort.

What should I look for in a tutor?

Look for a tutor with proven expertise in the specific subject area, excellent communication skills, and a friendly, patient demeanor. Ensure they’re capable of tailoring their teaching methods to suit your child’s learning style and needs. Professional qualifications and positive reviews are also crucial.

Can tutoring help with exam preparation?

Certainly! Many tutoring companies offer specialised programs designed to help students prepare for exams. These programs focus on key content areas, exam strategies, and practice questions to enhance students’ confidence and performance during the actual exams.

Is group tutoring effective?

Group tutoring can be effective, offering a collaborative learning environment. It fosters discussion, debate, and peer learning, enhancing understanding and retention. However, it’s essential to ensure that the group size is small to maintain the quality of interaction and individual attention.

How do I know if my child is progressing?

Most tutoring companies provide regular progress reports and updates. You can also monitor your child’s academic performance, confidence level, and attitude towards learning. Open communication with the tutor to discuss your child’s progress and any areas of concern is also vital.

Are tutoring services worth the investment?

Investing in tutoring services can significantly benefit your child’s academic performance, confidence, and attitude towards learning. With personalised attention, tailored learning plans, and expert guidance, many students experience noticeable improvement in grades and understanding of complex concepts.

How do tutoring companies ensure the quality of their tutors?

Tutoring companies often have a rigorous selection process, including thorough background checks, verification of qualifications, and assessments of teaching skills. Many also require their tutors to have professional teaching experience or advanced degrees in their subject areas.

Can tutoring address learning disabilities?

Yes, many tutoring companies have tutors specialised in working with students with learning disabilities. They employ tailored teaching strategies and tools to cater to the specific needs and challenges of these students, fostering an inclusive and supportive learning environment.

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Written by: Thomas Babb

Oxford University - PhD Mathematics

Thomas is a PhD candidate at Oxford University. He served as an interviewer and the lead admissions test marker at Oxford, and teaches undergraduate students at Mansfield College and St Hilda’s College. He has ten years’ experience tutoring A-Level and GCSE students across a range of subjects.

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