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The Best Approved A-Level Maths Calculators

4 min Read|June 10 2024
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Dr Rahil Sachak-Patwa


As you begin A-levels after completing GCSE (General Certificate of Secondary Education), you need to upgrade your studying patterns right away. Perhaps you were told how valuable maths is as a subject; its worth becomes manifold in an A-levels degree. But what can you do to step up your game in the subject?

Well, a quality calculator that aligns with the requirements of your subject is a must-have. Gone are the days when tiny calculators with fewer features worked. Today you need an efficient calculator to do some math when studying. So, below, we’ll walk you through some best and efficient A-Level Maths calculators.

Best A-Level Calculators - Recommended

While most students buy the calculators when studying for an exam, it’s best to purchase one as soon as you get accepted into an A-Levels programme. It will help you gain hands-on experience before your exams approach closer. Here are the best calculators recommended by expert A-Levels Maths tutors:

FX-CG50 Casio

The Casio FX-CG50 is on the top of our list and for the right reasons. It has over 3,000 functions including, graph solvers, data charts, matrix and vector calculations, e-activity, picture plots, spreadsheets, and whatnot.

The new model includes the 3D graph capability. What’s more, it includes integral, probability, and differential functions to help you in both A-Levels Maths and A-Level Further Math exams.

It won’t be wrong to say that this calculator will help you progress through your syllabus massively. But that’s not it; you’ll develop a greater interest and understanding of maths simultaneously.

Casio Scientific Calculator FX-83GT

Though Casio FX-83GTX ranks as one of the UK’s best selling scientific calculators for secondary school education, you can use it for your A-Levels too. It has fewer features compared to the FX-CG50 and is more suitable for a GCSE student. Nonetheless, it can solve most questions required at A-Levels Maths.

However, its limited capability doesn’t allow you to solve complex mathematical problems.

Casio FX-991EX

Casio FX-991EX is another candidate as the best A-Levels math calculator. Its advanced calculations allow you to work through multiple problems. You can get numeric answers to integration and differentiation questions. Hence, it saves your time counter checking your work. The calculator comes with over 552 functions allowing you to work with statistics, matrix calculations, spreadsheets, and more.

What else is good? It is an equation solver and also lets you check the answers. The QR generator is another fantastic feature that generates the QR code of any mathematical equation, displaying its graph on the Casio app. This feature, however, is strictly prohibited during the exams.

Overall, all these are a good option for A-Level Maths, but it’s best to go with the first on our list for A-Level Further Maths. These calculators are even recommended by IB Maths tutors too and capable to solve complex mathematical problems.

What to Look For When Buying a Calculator?

Good question.

You just cannot buy any expensive calculator out there and assume it’ll serve your needs. I mean, if it doesn’t help you when studying math, your money will likely go down the drain. Therefore, it’s crucial to know the features when purchasing a calculator.


Perhaps you’ll carry your calculator just anywhere; libraries, labs, exam halls, classes, and even to your home. Therefore, it’s best to go with a portable and lightweight calculator that is easy to carry around.

Advanced Features

If your calculator won’t solve the complex mathematical problems of your A-Levels course, it’s good-for-nothing. So, make sure you opt for one that can compute and solve mathematical problems. Remember, the best and most advanced calculator for A-Levels will offer various functions. For instance, advanced table creation, algebraic equation qualities, and several other functions (better than a typical GCSE calculator).


Before you buy, go through your syllabus and the calculator options allowed. This will help you determine which calculator to choose and which one to avoid. Typically, most A-Level Maths examinations allow graphical calculators.

Easy to Use

The best calculator isn’t the one with a fancy look. I mean, if you aren’t able to use it due to its complex placement of buttons and keys, what’s the point of buying it anyway? It’s best to choose a calculator that has an uncomplicated and simple design and offers straightforward usage.


Advanced calculators do not make any weird noises and operate quietly for the most part. Nonetheless, low-quality models produce noise on pressing the buttons. Ensure you purchase the one with a sleek design that is almost noiseless when using.

Besides a good calculator, make sure you have the right mentorship and A-Level Maths resources to help you through your A-Levels Maths exam. For complete exam preparation, you can hire an experienced Maths tutor to assist you in learning and understanding complex math problems.

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Are All Types of Calculators Allowed During An Exam?

Fortunately, yes. You are allowed to take just any calculator with you during an exam. However, there are a few restrictions that all students must abide by. For instance, if your calculator has a language translator, you won’t be allowed to enter an examination hall. Several students change language translators to solve equations, which is considered cheating.

Further, if your calculator has an active internet connection or you have connected it to another device (one way or the other), it’s strictly prohibited. Moreover, you should never store any information in your calculator, be it text or mathematical formulas. Make sure you clear the history before entering the exam hall.

Last but not least, your calculator shouldn’t include symbolic differentiation or algebra manipulation. Other than that, all graphic calculators are allowed, as long as they comply with the restrictions mentioned above. If you need assistance studying for your exams, get in contact with one of our online A-Level tutors today.

Wrap Up

All A-Levels subjects, including maths, require you to do some hard work to achieve good grades. Since you’re advancing in your studies and seeking academic growth at its maximum, you might be concerned about upgrading your study methods.

When studying A-Level Maths, you’ll encounter complex calculations, and you’ll need at least an advanced scientific calculator to cover your syllabus. Additionally, utilizing A-Level Maths Q&A Revision Notes can significantly enhance your understanding and preparation.

You can use graphic calculators during exams but make sure there’s no cheating involved. Besides opting for an advanced calculator, you need to practice equations and stay in touch with your excellent math tutor to excel.

Happy studying!

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Professional tutor and Cambridge University researcher

Dr Rahil Sachak-Patwa

Written by: Dr Rahil Sachak-Patwa

Oxford University - PhD Mathematics

Rahil spent ten years working as private tutor, teaching students for GCSEs, A-Levels, and university admissions. During his PhD he published papers on modelling infectious disease epidemics and was a tutor to undergraduate and masters students for mathematics courses.

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