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Top 10 Tutoring Websites in the UK (2023)

Top 10 Tutoring Websites in the UK (2023)

10 min Read|April 14 2024
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Thomas Babb


In today's competitive academic environment, finding a great tutor is essential for success. However, finding a reputable tutor who can provide quality instruction and support can be a daunting task. This is where tutoring websites come in. They offer a convenient and effective way to connect with experienced tutors who can provide personalised instruction to help students achieve their academic goals.

With so many tutoring websites available in the UK, it can be challenging to determine which ones are the best. In this article, we will help you navigate the world of tutoring websites by analysing and evaluating the top 10 tutoring websites in the UK. We will provide you with the necessary information to make an informed decision about which website to choose, ensuring that you or your child receives the best possible academic support.

What to Look for When Choosing a Tutoring Website

When choosing a tutoring website, there are several key factors to consider:

1. Qualifications: Make sure that the tutors have excellent qualifications, including a degree from a top university in their subject area. This ensures that they have the necessary knowledge and expertise to provide high-quality instruction.

2. Range of subjects: Look for a website that offers a wide range of subjects and levels of difficulty, so that you can find a tutor who specialises in the subject you need help with.

3. Pricing: Consider the pricing and payment options, but keep in mind that the cheapest option may not always be the best choice. It is essential to choose a website that offers quality tutoring services that align with your academic goals.

4. Reviews: Read customer reviews and testimonials to ensure that the website has a good reputation and track record of success. Look for reviews from other students and parents who have used the website's services.

5. Online vs in-person: Consider whether the website offers online or in-person tutoring. Studies have suggested that online tutoring can be just as effective as in-person tutoring, while offering greater flexibility and convenience.

6. Academic consultant: Consider whether the website has an academic consultant who can help you choose the best tutor for your needs and provide advice on how to improve your academic performance.

Chart showing the estimated number of children receiving private tuition

Number of students in England and Wales receiving private tuition

Now let's get to the best 10 tutoring websites in the UK.

10 - Tutor Hunt

Established in 2005, Tutor Hunt boasts a longstanding reputation as one of the UK's premier tutoring websites. With over 10,000 registered private tutors, this platform offers a rich selection of both in-person and online tutoring options at prices from just £15 per hour. Catering to learners from primary school through to university level, Tutor Hunt covers an extensive range of subjects, including languages, humanities, and STEM.

Renowned for its user-friendly interface and affordable rates, Tutor Hunt has become a go-to resource for students and parents alike. Customise your search by subject, location, and availability for a tailored learning experience that suits your schedule. Beyond connecting you with qualified tutors, Tutor Hunt also provides valuable resources such as study tips and exam preparation articles, making it a comprehensive hub for all your educational needs.

9 - GoStudent

GoStudent is a tutoring platform that offers one-to-one online tutoring lessons. The company was founded in Austria but has now started delivering tutoring in the UK. The platform offers a range of subjects and levels, from primary school to university level, including Maths, Science, English, and languages.

GoStudent's pricing structure varies depending on the type of tutoring, with prices starting at £14 per session for group tutoring and £29 per session for one-to-one tutoring. The platform also offers additional support for students, including study tips and exam preparation materials, making it a comprehensive solution for students who are looking to improve their academic performance.

GoStudent's focus on one-to-one online tutoring and personalised instruction, as well as its team of experienced tutors and additional resources, makes it an effective and convenient solution for students who are looking to achieve their academic goals.

8 - Ivy Education

Ivy Education offers customised, high-quality tutoring services for students across the UK. With a focus on in-person tutoring in London, the company caters to a diverse range of educational backgrounds, from primary school to university level, including those preparing for entrance exams or seeking admission to top-tier universities.

Covering a vast array of subjects, Ivy Education also provides specialist tutoring in fields such as law and medicine. The company takes pride in its rigorous tutor selection process, ensuring that students receive top-notch instruction from experts in their respective fields.

Though Ivy Education's pricing starts at a premium rate of £60, the company's commitment to offering a tailored approach to tutoring sets it apart. By customising its services to meet each student's unique needs and objectives, Ivy Education delivers an exceptional tutoring experience for learners seeking to unlock their full potential.

7 - Superprof

Originating in France, Superprof has grown into an expansive global marketplace for in-person and online learning, with separate websites catering to students in over 40 countries. Boasting a database of more than 100,000 tutors and instructors worldwide, Superprof offers an incredible variety of subjects to explore, from maths and piano to roller-skating and dancing.

With such a diverse range of tutors, hourly pricing varies from £10 to £100, depending on the tutor's qualifications and experience. Students also need to pay a subscription fee to message tutors. Superprof's user-friendly search functionality allows students to find tutors by subject, location, and availability, ensuring a tailored learning experience.

One unique aspect of Superprof is the option to find tutors in different countries where rates may be more affordable. Moreover, the platform's online tutoring option provides the convenience of studying from home without the need for in-person lessons.

With its extensive range of subjects and levels, as well as its vast network of tutors, Superprof offers a flexible and accessible solution for students aiming to enhance their academic performance.

6 - Keystone Tutors

As a premium tutoring company, Keystone Tutors offers bespoke, personalised services to students across the UK. Specialising in in-person tutoring, this London-based company employs expert tutors with a proven track record in helping students achieve their academic aspirations. Catering to various educational levels, from primary school to university, Keystone Tutors also covers specialist subjects such as law and medicine.

With an uncompromising commitment to quality, the company boasts a stringent tutor selection process, ensuring that students receive top-tier instruction from field experts. Prices hover around £100 per hour, reflecting the customised approach and premium service that Keystone Tutors provides. In addition to its UK presence, the company operates branches in Hong Kong and Singapore.

Keystone Tutors' comprehensive offerings extend beyond traditional tutoring to include homeschooling, online courses, university application guidance, and career advice. With its holistic approach, the company supports students in their academic journey and beyond. Their IGCSE Maths tutors and IGCSE English tutors are well-liked by students.

A teacher tutoring his student

Keystone Tutors has over 51 full-time tutors who cater to a wide range of student needs, covering GCSE, IGCSE, A Level, IB, and UK entrance exams, as well as Oxford and Cambridge University preparation. To discuss individual requirements and explore how they can help, they offers a free consultation. Highly regarded on Trustpilot, Keystone Tutors consistently receives praise for its professionalism and expertise, reflecting its dedication to helping students reach their academic goals.

5 - Bright Young Things

Bright Young Things, a London-based independent tutoring agency, offers high-quality in-person and online tutoring services to students across the UK. Covering a range of subjects and levels from primary school to university, the company specializes in Maths, English, Science, and languages.

With a focus on academic excellence and personalised instruction, Bright Young Things tailors its services to each student's unique needs and goals. The company takes pride in its team of private tutors, who are field experts with a proven record of helping students achieve their academic aspirations.

Pricing for Bright Young Things varies based on the type of tutoring. Online tutoring starts at £49 per hour, while in-person tutoring begins at £60 per hour. The company also offers group tutoring sessions, providing an affordable, collaborative learning experience.

The company operates tuition centres in Harrow, High Wycombe, Maidenhead, East Sheen, Epsom, and Chesham. The agency's meticulous planning, exceptional tutors, and tailored education plans consistently deliver excellent results and foster confident, engaged learners.

Bright Young Things enjoys an excellent rating on Trustpilot, with customers praising the agency's professionalism and expertise. Continuously expanding, the company actively seeks new tutor talent to maintain its high standard of service as it grows.

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4 - MyTutor

MyTutor, a highly-rated affordable online tutoring platform founded in 2013, connects students across the UK with over 5,000 online tutors from 60 top universities. Catering to a range of subjects and levels, from primary school to university, MyTutor offers specialist areas such as coding and languages. Their comprehensive database of tutors makes it simple for students to find the perfect match for their needs.

Employing a pay-as-you-go pricing model, MyTutor offers group sessions starting at £18 per hour, while one-to-one sessions begin at £20 per hour, with prices increasing up to £50 or more. The platform also supplies students with valuable resources, including revision materials and study tips, creating a well-rounded solution for academic improvement.

What sets MyTutor apart is its emphasis on building student confidence, rather than solely focusing on exam preparation. Tutors are trained to deliver personalised instruction tailored to each student's learning style and objectives, fostering both skills and self-assurance for academic success and beyond. Their popular tutoring staff includes IB Biology tutors, IB Chemistry tutors and IB Physics tutors.

Overall, MyTutor provides a unique and effective tutoring approach through its wide range of subjects, levels, and qualified tutors. With a focus on building confidence and offering personalised instruction, MyTutor is an excellent choice for students aiming to enhance their academic performance. All 1:1 and 3:1 tutorials take place in a secure, online lesson space, accommodating busy family schedules.

3 - Tutorful

Tutorful is a leading online tutoring platform, connecting students with over 9,000 experienced tutors covering a wide range of subjects and levels, from primary school to university, including specialist areas such as music and art. With its comprehensive database, it is one of the best tutoring websites in the UK.

A unique feature of Tutorful is its commitment to quality assurance, guaranteeing that all tutors are experienced and qualified to provide top-notch instruction. The platform also offers additional support for students, including study tips and exam preparation advice, making it a well-rounded solution for those looking to enhance their academic performance.

Tutorful's pricing is competitive, with most tutors charging between £40 and £60 per hour, although some may charge more. The platform offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee, ensuring students receive the best possible tutoring experience. Tutorful streamlines the process by managing bookings and payments, allowing tutors to concentrate on teaching.

Overall, Tutorful provides an effective and convenient online tutoring solution, offering a wide array of subjects and levels along with a comprehensive database of experienced tutors. With its focus on quality assurance, personalised instruction, and seamless management of bookings and payments, Tutorful is an excellent choice for students striving to achieve their academic goals.

2 - First Tutors

First Tutors, a pioneering tutoring platform in the UK, connects students with qualified tutors for in-person and online tutoring. Established as one of the first tutoring websites in the UK, First Tutors has amassed a reputable and responsive network of over 18,000 registered tutors covering a wide range of subjects and levels, especially their IB Maths tutors and A-Level Maths tutors are quite popular among students.

Tutors on First Tutors have detailed profiles with verified qualifications, ensuring that students receive high-quality instruction from experienced professionals. The platform's user-friendly interface allows students to search for tutors by subject, location, and availability, providing a personalised and flexible approach to learning.

First Tutors' pricing structure varies depending on the tutor's experience and qualifications, typically ranging between £20 and £80 per hour. The platform charges a finder's fee of £9.99-£34.99, reflecting its commitment to fostering a more open and merit-based tuition market.

One of the unique features of First Tutors is its emphasis on nurturing the student-tutor relationship. The platform encourages students to build rapport with their tutors and develop a strong working relationship, enhancing the effectiveness of the tutoring experience.

Overall, First Tutors is an online tutoring platform that offers a comprehensive database of experienced tutors across a variety of subjects and levels. By focusing on personalised instruction and fostering positive student-tutor relationships, First Tutors provides an effective and convenient solution for students striving to achieve their academic goals. Catering to students from primary school through university, First Tutors is a reliable international private tuition service that ensures students find the right tutor for their needs.

1 - TutorChase

TutorChase stands out as the premier tutoring website in the UK in 2023, boasting an impressive track record of delivering top-quality education to students across the country. A key factor contributing to its success is the exceptional caliber of online tutors that TutorChase has on its team, with the majority hailing from elite UK universities such as Oxford and Cambridge.

Recognising its exceptional quality, Oxford University itself has partnered with TutorChase, further solidifying the company's reputation as a leader in the tutoring field. In addition, TutorChase has fostered strong partnerships with numerous schools throughout the UK, extending its reach and impact on students' education.

TutorChase specialises in multiple curriculums and can provide students with the following:

They cater to a wide range of academic needs. Having successfully delivered tutoring to thousands of students, the company has earned exceptional reviews, with a stellar rating of 4.93 out of 5.

The rigorous selection process employed by TutorChase ensures that all tutors are thoroughly interviewed, guaranteeing their expertise and commitment to delivering high-quality education. With prices starting at £49 per hour, TutorChase offers a valuable investment in students' academic success.

One parent's testimonial highlights the transformative impact of TutorChase's services:

"TutorChase has been exceptional from beginning to end. We required multiple tutors for my son for different subjects, and each tutor we were provided with was amazing, helping our son achieve the A*grades he needed!"

By emphasising the quality of tutors and tailoring its services to meet students' diverse needs, TutorChase has cemented its position as the best tutoring company in the UK, delivering excellence in education and helping students reach their full potential.

Finding the Right Tutoring Website for You

Tutoring offers numerous benefits to students, including personalised instruction, increased confidence, and improved academic performance. With the vast array of tutoring companies available in the UK, it is crucial to find the right platform and tutors to ensure a successful learning experience. When selecting a tutoring company, consider factors such as the quality of tutors, pricing structure, range of subjects and levels offered, and overall reputation.

Engaging with a reputable tutoring company that emphasises personalised instruction and has a proven track record of success can make all the difference in a student's academic journey. By choosing the right platform and tutors, students can unlock their full potential, overcome challenges, and achieve their academic goals.

In an increasingly competitive educational landscape, investing in tutoring can provide students with the extra support and guidance needed to excel. Taking the time to research and select the best tutoring company and tutors will not only enhance students' learning experience but also set them on the path to a bright and successful future.

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