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Best AP Tutoring Companies

Best AP Tutoring Companies

7 min Read|May 24 2024
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Thomas Babb


Are you stressing about your Advanced Placement exams? Thinking about how to boost your grades? Choosing a good AP tutoring company can make a big difference. But with so many options out there, how do you pick the right one? Why stick to just getting by when you can aim for the top? The best AP tutoring places offer lessons tailored just for you, helping you understand better and feel more confident. How do you find these top places among all the choices? Let's explore the world of AP tutoring to find the ones that truly stand out.

The importance of choosing the right AP tutoring company

Selecting the right AP tutoring company is a pivotal decision that can significantly impact a student's performance and confidence. With the AP exams being an important element in US college applications, the stakes are high. Here’s why choosing the right tutoring company is essential:

  • Personalized Learning: Each student has unique learning needs. The right tutoring company offers personalized programs that cater to individual strengths and weaknesses, enhancing learning efficiency.
  • Quality of Tutors: A top-notch tutoring company employs experienced and knowledgeable tutors who are not just subject matter experts but also skilled in teaching strategies tailored to the AP curriculum.
  • Success Rates: Companies with proven track records demonstrate their ability to help students achieve high scores. For instance, according to a study by the National Association for College Admission Counseling, students who receive tutoring can improve their test scores significantly, with many programs boasting a 1-4 point increase in AP exam scores.
  • Support and Resources: The availability of comprehensive resources, including practice tests, study materials, and feedback mechanisms, plays a crucial role in preparation and confidence building.
distribution of AP subjects requiring tutoring by category

Graph showing distribution of AP subjects requiring tutoring by category

Choosing the right AP tutoring company is not just about improving exam scores; it’s about investing in a student's academic journey and opening doors to future opportunities. Understanding the easiest AP courses and hardest AP courses can also play a crucial role in making informed decisions that align with a student's strengths and academic goals.

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10 - ArborBridge

ArborBridge stands out in the AP tutoring arena, catering to students globally with its bespoke, one-on-one tutoring approach. Their focus on leveraging cutting-edge digital platforms enables personalized learning experiences that are both flexible and efficient, making it an appealing choice for students aiming to excel in their AP exams. Here’s a snapshot of what ArborBridge offers:

  • Price Range: $225/hr, a testament to their premium, tailored tutoring services.
  • Website Location: United States
  • Years in Operation: 14 years
  • Rating: 4.0/5.0

ArborBridge tutors are experts in important subject areas like AP Calculus and are also trained in delivering lessons in an engaging and effective manner. Students benefit from a wealth of resources, including practice tests and detailed lesson notes, designed to enhance their learning experience and prepare them thoroughly for their AP exams. ArborBridge’s commitment to excellence and personalized learning experiences makes it a standout option for students seeking to achieve top scores on their AP exams with the help of experts in the field such as professional AP Calculus tutors.


TYCHR emerges as a prominent player in the AP tutoring landscape, noted for its dynamic online classes tailored to AP exam preparation. With a distinct approach that prioritizes comprehensive resources and dedicated teacher support, TYCHR has carved out a significant niche for itself. Here’s a brief overview:

  • Price Range: Starting at $6.6/hr, stretching up to $30/hr, making it an accessible option for a wide range of budgets.
  • Website Location: India
  • Years in Operation: 3 years
  • Rating: 4.2/5.0

TYCHR’s online platform accommodates a global audience, providing access to expert tutors and bespoke educational resources. Recognising the diversity in student needs, TYCHR offers tailored programs, including one-on-one and batch classes, ensuring flexibility and personalized attention which leads to high AP grades. Beyond AP courses, TYCHR extends its expertise to a broad spectrum of curriculums, including IB, SAT, and ACT, underscored by a commitment to educational excellence and personal integrity. In essence, this company stands out for its flexible, comprehensive, and affordable tutoring services, making it an appealing choice for students aiming for success in AP exams and beyond.

8 - The Princeton Review

The Princeton Review is a big name in the field of AP tutoring, offering a wide range of tutoring options to help students achieve a score of 5 on their AP exams. With their strong reputation for quality and comprehensive preparation strategies, here's what they bring to the table:

  • Price Range: Standard AP tutoring starts at $125/hr, making it a significant investment in your education.
  • Website Location:United States
  • Years in Operation: 43 years
  • Rating: 4.3/5.0

The Princeton Review's team, especially the AP Biology tutors, are certified teachers, college professors, graduate students, and professionals with advanced degrees, ensuring high-quality instruction. The Princeton Review's approach to exam preparation for subjects like AP Biology is thorough and strategic, emphasizing not just the mastery of content but also the development of test-taking strategies and confidence. Their wealth of resources, experienced tutors, and commitment to student success make them a formidable choice for AP exam preparation..

7 - Varsity Tutors

Varsity Tutors stands out for its flexibility and extensive range of subjects, making it a solid choice for AP tutoring. With options for both one-on-one tutoring and group classes, Varsity Tutors caters to a broad spectrum of learning preferences and needs.

  • Price Range: $75/hr, this estimate aligns with the general range observed, though specific AP tutoring costs can vary.
  • Website Location:United States
  • Years in Operation: 17 years
  • Rating: 4.5/5.0

A distinguishing feature of Varsity Tutors is its adaptability to different learning environments, offering both virtual and in-person sessions. Its robust platform supports a wide variety of subjects, including AP United States History, making it a comprehensive resource for students aiming to excel in their AP exams. The platform's user-friendly interface, including a live video chat option, ensures that students can connect with experts such as AP United States History tutors efficiently and receive the personalized attention they need.

6 - PrepScholar

PrepScholar has carved out a reputation for itself as a formidable contender in the AP tutoring landscape, especially for those looking for a blend of flexibility and expertise. With a focus on delivering customized study strategies and leveraging the skills of top scorers, PrepScholar ensures that each student's learning journey is both personal and effective.

  • Price Range: $75/hr
  • Website Location:United States
  • Years in Operation: 11 years
  • Rating: 4.5/5.0

What sets PrepScholar apart is not just its comprehensive list of AP subjects, including Maths, Sciences, Social Science, Languages, AP English Language and Composition, and AP English Literature and Composition. While the advantages are clear, it's crucial for potential clients to weigh these against the costs and consider the specific needs of the student. For those seeking a structured, high-caliber tutoring service especially with experienced English tutors with a track record of success, PrepScholar is a noteworthy option.

ratings of top AP tutoring companies

Graph showing ratings of top AP tutoring companies

5 - StudyPoint

StudyPoint is a notable name in the realm of AP exam prep, leveraging a blend of personalized instruction, expert tutors, and flexible learning environments to cater to students' diverse needs.

  • Price Range: Under $99/hr
  • Website Location:United States
  • Years in Operation: 7 years
  • Rating: 4.6/5.0

Given StudyPoint's robust history of helping over 50,000 students since its inception, their approach to AP exam preparation has proven effective. With customer satisfaction scores comparable to those of leading companies across industries, StudyPoint's service quality is both reliable and highly regarded by its clients. For families looking for comprehensive, flexible, and highly personalized AP tutoring services, StudyPoint presents a compelling option backed by an industry-leading guarantee of success and a track record of significant score improvements and student satisfaction.

4 - Wiingy

Wiingy emerges as a standout option for AP tutoring with its affordable and personalized online lessons. Focused on delivering high-quality education across a broad spectrum of subjects, Wiingy matches students with top verified, qualified, and experienced instructors.

  • Price Range: Starting at $28/hr
  • Website Location:United States
  • Years in Operation: 3 years
  • Rating: 4.6/5.0

What distinguishes Wiingy in the competitive landscape of AP tutoring is its commitment to personalized education. Each student benefits from one-on-one sessions tailored to their unique needs, facilitated by instructors who are not only experts in their respective fields but also excel in delivering online education. This personalization is vital for AP subjects, which demand a deep understanding and proficiency that Wiingy's tutors are well-equipped to provide. Moreover, Wiingy's affordability makes it accessible to a wider audience, ensuring that quality education is not a privilege but a right accessible to all.

3 - eTutorWorld

eTutorWorld offers a unique and highly effective approach to AP tutoring, including AP Chemistry, with its personalized, one-to-one virtual tutoring services. They have established themselves as a premier choice for K-12 online tutoring and test preparation, including AP courses, leveraging technology and expertise to bridge academic gaps.

  • Price Range: Starting at $32/hr and varies per subject
  • Website Location:United States
  • Years in Operation: 16 years
  • Rating: 4.8/5.0

eTutorWorld stands out for its commitment to individualized learning, ensuring that each student's unique needs and academic journey are thoroughly assessed and catered to. Their Learning by Design™ methodology and a free diagnostic assessment at the start enable expert tutors, such as expert AP Chemistry tutors, to craft personalized tutoring roadmaps, promoting optimal learning outcomes. Their approach has been recognized for excellence in personalized education, providing a testament to their success in helping students achieve academic goals and prepare for future challenges. With eTutorWorld, students can access a wealth of resources, enjoy flexible learning, and receive support from subject matter experts, all designed to fit individual learning styles and requirements.

2 - Sylvan Learning

Sylvan Learning stands out for its personalized approach and extensive experience when it comes to providing comprehensive AP tutoring services. Sylvan's method blends face-to-face learning with interactive technology, ensuring students receive the tailored support they need to excel in their AP exams.

  • Price Range: Starting at $60/hr
  • Website Location:United States
  • Years in Operation: 45 years
  • Rating: 4.8/5.0

Experts at Sylvan Learning focus on identifying individual learning gaps and crafting a customized plan that aligns with the student's unique academic needs. This bespoke approach has been instrumental in Sylvan’s long-standing success, enabling students to improve their scores significantly. A 2019 survey revealed that Sylvan students, on average, see up to three times more growth in their math and reading scores compared to their peers. Furthermore, Sylvan's seasoned tutors are adept at navigating the challenging AP curriculum, ensuring that students not only grasp the material but also learn how to apply their knowledge effectively in an exam setting. With a rich history spanning four decades, Sylvan Learning has established itself as a trusted name in AP exam preparation, as reflected in its impressive rating.

1 - TutorChase

TutorChase has established itself as the leading provider of AP tutors, marking its position as the first choice for students aiming for excellence in their AP exams. Here are the key elements that underscore TutorChase's dominance in the industry:

  • Price Range: Starting at $75/hr, indicative of the exceptional caliber of tutors and the custom-tailored tutoring approach.
  • Website Location: United Kingdom
  • Years in Operation: 5 years
  • Rating: 4.93/5.0, a reflection of the high levels of student and parent satisfaction, highlighting TutorChase’s unparalleled tutoring efficacy.

Why TutorChase is the go-to choice:

  • Elite Tutor Selection: Tutors are carefully picked from esteemed institutions like Oxford and Cambridge, ensuring unparalleled academic support.
  • Customized Tutoring Strategy: Lessons are tailored to meet the specific needs and learning pace of each student, maximizing educational outcomes.
  • Proven Track Record of Success: Demonstrated excellence in elevating students' performance and deepening their comprehension of the AP curriculum.

A parent's testimonial:

"As parents, we've always wanted the best for our child, especially when it comes to education. We've tried several tutoring companies in the past, hoping to find the right fit that could make a difference in our child's academic performance. It wasn't until we discovered TutorChase that we finally saw the change we'd been hoping for. The quality of tutors, and the genuine care for our child's success were evident from the start. Our child achieved a score of 5 in English Language, Literature, and U.S. History, the subjects in which we requested tuition. Thank you TutorChase!"

Though its primary focus is on AP courses, TutorChase also offers extensive tutoring for other academic programs, including GCSEs, IGCSEs, A-Levels, the IB Diploma Programme, and specific preparation through Oxbridge tutoring. Their rigorous tutor selection process ensures that only those with stellar academic backgrounds and a true dedication to teaching are brought on board. With a solid track record in improving students' academic achievements and preparing them for higher education and beyond, TutorChase upholds the highest standards in AP exam tutoring. Their commitment to educational excellence and the significant improvement seen in students’ results solidify TutorChase's status as the premier choice in the tutoring sector.

How to choose the best AP tutoring company for you

Choosing your AP courses and then the right tutoring company are crucial for achieving success in AP exams. The process involves several steps to ensure the chosen company aligns with your specific needs and learning style. Here are key points to consider, drawn from insights on various educational platforms:

  • Assess Your Preparation Time: Determine how much time you have before your exams and how prepared you feel. Starting early if you're feeling unprepared is wise, giving yourself at least a few months for comprehensive preparation.
  • Understand Your Learning Style: Recognizing whether you're a visual, auditory, or kinesthetic learner can help you choose a tutoring service that matches your learning preferences. There are resources available, such as Education Planner's learning style test, to help you identify your style.
  • Consider the Costs: AP tutoring services range in price, from free online courses to more expensive, personalized tutoring sessions. Define your budget and find a service within it. Keep in mind that investing in a more costly service could be beneficial if it offers a more tailored learning experience.
  • Look for Essential Features: The best tutoring services offer flexible delivery options, personalisation to suit your needs, multiple practice exams, free trial periods, and live support. These features can significantly enhance your study effectiveness and increase your chances of excelling in your AP exams.
  • Evaluate the Tutoring Options: From comprehensive courses provided by platforms like Khan Academy, there's a wide range of options available. Private tutoring tends to offer the most personalized assistance but at a higher cost. On the other hand, online courses and video lessons offer flexibility and are often more affordable.

RankCompanyPriceRating out of 5.0
1TutorChaseStarting from $75/hr4.93
2eTutorWorldStarting at $60/hr4.8
3Sylvan LearningStarting at $32/hr4.8
4StudyPointStarting at $28/hr4.6
5WiingyUnder $99/hr4.6
6Varsity Tutors$75/hr4.5
8The Princeton Review$125/hr4.3
9TYCHR$6.6 - $30/hr4.2

Table showing summary of all best AP tutoring companies

Making an informed decision involves weighing these factors against your individual needs and preferences. By doing so, you can select an AP tutoring company that not only fits your budget but also provides you with the resources and support necessary to achieve your academic goals.

Conclusion on the best AP tutoring companies

Choosing the right AP tutoring company can hugely influence your academic success and readiness for college. Among the options, TutorChase has shown to stand out by offering tailored support that can cater to every student's unique needs. This includes choosing a tutoring company that aligns with your learning style, schedule, and budget, and provides the type of support you need, whether that's one-on-one sessions or comprehensive online sessions. Making sure the tutoring service is a good fit for you is crucial. With commitment and the right resources, achieving top scores in your AP exams and laying a solid foundation for your academic and professional future is definitely achievable.


Can AP tutoring improve college applications?

Absolutely! Engaging in AP tutoring and achieving high scores on AP exams can significantly bolster your college applications. Colleges and universities often view success in AP courses as an indicator of a student's readiness for the rigors of college-level coursework. Excelling in AP subjects can help you stand out in a crowded field of applicants by demonstrating academic excellence, dedication, and the ability to handle challenging material. Moreover, earning college credit through AP exams can highlight your eagerness to advance your education and potentially graduate earlier, saving on tuition costs.

How early should I start AP tutoring?

Ideally, starting AP tutoring at least three to six months before the exam date is recommended. This time frame allows you to thoroughly review the subject material, address any gaps in your understanding, and become familiar with the exam format and question types. Early preparation can also alleviate exam-related stress, giving you ample time to practice and refine your test-taking strategies. For students aiming for high scores, starting even earlier can provide additional benefits, allowing for a more relaxed pace of study and deeper exploration of challenging topics.

Are online AP tutors as effective as in-person?

Online AP tutoring can be just as effective as in-person tutoring, especially with advances in educational technology that facilitate interactive learning experiences. The effectiveness of online tutoring depends on several factors, including the quality of the tutoring platform, the qualifications and teaching style of the tutor, and the student's learning preferences. Many students find online tutoring more convenient and adaptable, allowing for greater flexibility in scheduling sessions. Additionally, online platforms often offer a broader selection of tutors, making it easier to find a match for specific subject expertise and teaching style preferences.

What's the average duration of AP tutoring programs?

The average duration of AP tutoring programs varies widely depending on the student's starting knowledge, the number of subjects being tutored, and the intensity of the tutoring sessions. Programs can range from short-term, intensive review sessions of a few weeks to long-term tutoring that spans several months. A more extended period allows for comprehensive coverage of the material, while a shorter, more focused approach may be suitable for students looking for a final review or to address specific areas of weakness.

Can I find AP tutoring for any subject?

Yes, you can find AP tutoring for all subjects offered within the AP curriculum. This includes popular subjects like AP Biology, AP Calculus, AP English, and AP U.S. History, as well as less commonly taught courses such as AP Studio Art, AP Music Theory, and AP Computer Science Principles. Tutoring companies and independent tutors often provide a wide range of subject-specific expertise, catering to the diverse needs of AP students across disciplines.

How do AP tutoring sessions typically work?

AP tutoring sessions are designed to be highly personalized, focusing on the student's specific needs and learning objectives. A typical session might begin with an assessment of the student's current understanding of the subject matter, identifying strengths and areas for improvement. Tutors then tailor their instruction to address these areas, utilizing a mix of direct teaching, practice questions, and review of previously covered material. Sessions often include test-taking strategies, time management tips, and practice exams to mimic the actual AP test experience. The goal is to build the student's confidence and mastery of the subject, ensuring they are well-prepared for their AP exams.

Are there group tutoring options for AP subjects?

Group tutoring options are available for AP subjects, providing an alternative to one-on-one tutoring that can be beneficial for students who thrive in a collaborative learning environment. Group tutoring sessions offer the opportunity to learn from peers' questions and explanations, fostering a deeper understanding of the material. These sessions can also be more cost-effective, making them a popular choice for students looking for high-quality tutoring on a budget. However, it's important to ensure that the group size is manageable and that the tutor can address the individual needs of each student.

Can AP tutoring help with AP exam anxiety?

Yes, AP tutoring can be highly effective in reducing exam anxiety. By providing a structured approach to studying, addressing knowledge gaps, and familiarizing students with the exam format and question types, and developing effective study habits and test-taking strategies. Regular feedback and adjustments ensure the tutoring is aligned with the student's progress and exam goals. Interactive tools and resources, like practice tests and flashcards, are often incorporated to enhance learning and retention.

How to balance AP tutoring with schoolwork?

Balancing AP tutoring with schoolwork is about strategic planning and prioritization. Begin by setting a realistic study schedule that allocates time for both tutoring and school assignments. Utilize tools like calendars or planner apps to keep track of deadlines and tutoring sessions. Prioritize tasks based on urgency and importance, dedicating blocks of time to focus on specific subjects or assignments. Communication with your tutor about upcoming school commitments can help adjust the tutoring schedule as needed. Remember, it's essential to also schedule downtime to recharge and avoid burnout.

Is AP tutoring worth the investment?

Investing in AP tutoring is worth it, especially when considering the potential for earning college credit, improving GPA, and enhancing college applications. The personalized attention and customized study plans provided by tutoring can address individual learning needs more effectively than self-study or classroom learning alone. While the cost may seem high, the benefits of mastering AP subjects and achieving high exam scores can outweigh the initial investment. It can lead to savings on college tuition through earned AP credits and enhance academic and career prospects in the long term.

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