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1.8.5 Volumes of Revolution

In this section, we will focus on using definite integration to determine the volumes of solids of revolution. These solids are created by revolving a region bounded by curves around an axis (x-axis or y-axis). We'll particularly explore methods to calculate the volume of solids formed by revolving regions between curves, like the volume of a solid formed when revolving the region between y=9x2y = 9 - x^2 and y=5y = 5 around the x-axis.

volumes of revolution

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Volume of Revolution Between Two Curves

With Respect to x


Finding the volume of revolution between two curves involves calculating the volumes formed by each curve around the x-axis and subtracting one from the other.


a. Ensure yy is the subject in the equations of the curves.

b. Apply the formula:

πab(y12y22)dx\pi \int_a^b (y_1^2 - y_2^2) \, \mathrm{dx}abπy12dxabπy22dx \int_a^b \pi y_1^2 \, \mathrm{dx} - \int_a^b \pi y_2^2 \, \mathrm{dx}

With Respect to y


a. Make xx the subject in the equations of the curves.

b. Use the formula:

πab(x12x22)dy\pi \int_a^b (x_1^2 - x_2^2) \, \mathrm{dy}abπx12dyabπx22dy \int_a^b \pi x_1^2 \, \mathrm{dy} - \int_a^b \pi x_2^2 \, \mathrm{dy}

Example Questions

Problem 1 :

Given: Curve y=2(3x1)13y = 2(3x - 1)^{\frac{1}{3}}and lines x=23x = \frac{2}{3}, x=3x = 3.

Task: Calculate the volume when the shaded region is rotated 360° about the x-axis.


1. Formula: Volume of revolution formula:

abπy2dx\int_a^b \pi y^2 \, \mathrm{dx}

2. Integration:

233π(2(3x1)13)2dx\int{\frac{2}{3}}^3 \pi \left( 2(3x - 1)^{\frac{1}{3}} \right)^2 \, \mathrm{dx}

simplifies to

233π(4(3x1)23)dx\int{\frac{2}{3}}^3 \pi \left( 4(3x - 1)^{\frac{2}{3}} \right) \, \mathrm{dx}

3. Final Calculation:

[4π(3x1)13]233=24.8π(Volume of the solid)\left[ 4\pi(3x - 1)^{\frac{1}{3}} \right]_{\frac{2}{3}}^3 = 24.8\pi \, \text{(Volume of the solid)}

Problem 2:

Given: The region between the curves y=x2y = x^2 and y=xy = x in the first quadrant.

Task: Find the volume of the solid formed when this region is revolved about the y-axis.


1. Preparation: Express xx as the subject. Here, x=yx = \sqrt{y} and x=yx = y.

2. Formula: Apply the formula for revolution about the y-axis:

πab(x12x22)dy\pi \int_a^b (x_1^2 - x_2^2) \, \mathrm{dy}

3. Integration:

01π(y2(y)2)dy\int_0^1 \pi \left( y^2 - (\sqrt{y})^2 \right) \, \mathrm{dy}

simplifies to

π01(y2y)dy\pi \int_0^1 (y^2 - y) \, \mathrm{dy}

4. Final Calculation:

π[y33y22]01=π6(Volume of the solid)\pi \left[ \frac{y^3}{3} - \frac{y^2}{2} \right]_0^1 = \frac{\pi}{6} \, \text{(Volume of the solid)}
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