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IB DP Chemistry Questions

20.3 Oxygen-Containing Compounds

Question 1

Which of the following is an example of an alcohol?





Question 2

Which compound is commonly used as a solvent and has a fruity odour?

A. Ethanoic acid

B. Methanal

C. Ethanol

D. Ethyl ethanoate

Question 3

Which functional group is present in carboxylic acids?

A. -OH



D. -CO

Question 4

Which of the following compounds is used in the synthesis of esters?

A. Aldehyde

B. Ketone

C. Alcohol

D. Amine

Question 5

Which compound is responsible for the characteristic smell of vinegar?

A. Methanol

B. Ethanoic acid

C. Ethanol

D. Methanoic acid

Question 6

a) Define the term "ester" and provide an example of an ester molecule. [2]

b) Explain the significance of esters in the synthesis of fragrances. [3]

Question 7

a) Describe the characteristic reactions of alcohols. [3]

b) How do the properties of primary, secondary, and tertiary alcohols differ? [2]

Question 8

a) What is the importance of oxygen-containing compounds in the petrochemical industry? [3]

b) Differentiate between an aldehyde and a ketone, providing an example for each. [2]

Question 9

a) What is the general formula for carboxylic acids? [1]

b) Describe the characteristic reactions of carboxylic acids. [3]

c) Explain the importance of carboxylic acids in the synthesis of other organic compounds. [3]

Question 10

a) Define the term "amide" and provide an example. [2]

b) How do amides differ from amines in terms of structure and reactivity? [3]

c) Describe the significance of amides in the synthesis of polymers. [2]

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