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IB DP Biology Questions

4.4 Conservation and Biodiversity

Question 1

What does biodiversity primarily refer to?

A. The variety of ecosystems

B. The variety of species and genetic diversity within them

C. The variety of abiotic factors

D. The variety of conservation strategies

Question 2

Which measure of biodiversity considers both the number of species and their relative abundance?

A. Species richness

B. Species evenness

C. Genetic diversity

D. Ecosystem diversity

Question 3

Which of the following is a major threat to biodiversity?

A. Habitat restoration

B. Climate change

C. Sustainable use

D. Protected areas

Question 4

What is the primary goal of establishing protected areas as a conservation strategy?

A. To promote sustainable use of resources

B. To allow habitat destruction

C. To preserve habitats and protect species from extinction

D. To introduce invasive species

Question 5

How does overexploitation contribute to the loss of biodiversity?

A. By promoting species richness

B. By introducing non-native species

C. By depleting populations and leading to extinction

D. By restoring habitats

Question 6

a) Define biodiversity and explain why it is important for ecosystems. [3]

b) Discuss two major threats to biodiversity and describe how they impact ecosystems. [4]

Question 7

a) Describe the concept of species richness and how it is used to measure biodiversity. [3]

b) Explain the role of sustainable use in conservation strategies and how it contributes to biodiversity preservation. [4]

Question 8

a) Explain the difference between species richness and species evenness as measures of biodiversity. [3]

b) Discuss the effectiveness of establishing protected areas as a conservation strategy to preserve biodiversity. [4]

Question 9

a) Define invasive species and discuss how they pose a threat to biodiversity. [3]

b) Explain the concept of carrying capacity in relation to population dynamics. [3]

c) Discuss how overexploitation of resources can lead to a decline in biodiversity. [4]

Question 10

a) Describe the role of decomposers in energy flow within an ecosystem. [3]

b) Explain how climate change can alter community structure and biodiversity. [4]

c) Discuss the importance and challenges of restoration as a conservation strategy. [3]

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