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IB DP Biology Questions

6.6 Hormones, Homeostasis, and Reproduction

Question 1

Which hormone is primarily responsible for regulating blood glucose levels by decreasing it?

A. Glucagon

B. Insulin

C. Thyroxin

D. Leptin

Question 2

What is the main function of thyroxin?

A. Regulating appetite

B. Controlling metabolic rate and body temperature

C. Regulating blood glucose concentration

D. Controlling circadian rhythms

Question 3

Which gland secretes melatonin, and what is its primary function?

A. Thyroid; controlling metabolic rate

B. Adipose tissue; regulating appetite

C. Pineal gland; controlling circadian rhythms

D. Pancreas; regulating blood glucose

Question 4

Which hormone is secreted by adipose tissue and acts on the hypothalamus to regulate appetite?

A. Insulin

B. Leptin

C. Glucagon

D. Melatonin

Question 5

What role does the hormone estrogen play in the female reproductive system?

A. Initiates the development of male secondary sexual characteristics

B. Regulates the menstrual cycle and prepares the uterus for pregnancy

C. Controls metabolic rate and body temperature

D. Regulates blood glucose levels

Question 6

a) Explain how insulin and glucagon work together to regulate blood glucose levels. [3]

b) Discuss the role of thyroxin in controlling metabolic rate and body temperature, and identify the gland responsible for its secretion. [2]

Question 7

a) Describe the structure and function of the male reproductive system, highlighting the role each part plays in reproduction. [3]

b) Discuss the role of the Y chromosome and testosterone in male development and reproduction. [2]

Question 8

a) Outline the hormonal interactions between the ovaries and pituitary gland that control the menstrual cycle. [3]

b) Discuss the stages of early embryonic development and the concept of implantation. [2]

Question 9

a) Discuss the principles of feedback mechanisms in hormone regulation, providing an example. [3]

b) Explain the role of leptin in appetite regulation and identify the tissue responsible for its secretion. [3]

c) Describe how melatonin controls circadian rhythms and identify the gland responsible for its secretion. [2]

Question 10

a) Outline the structure and function of the female reproductive system, emphasising each part's role in reproduction. [3]

b) Discuss the roles of estrogen and progesterone in female reproductive development and the menstrual cycle. [3]

c) Explain the hormonal changes that occur during pregnancy. [2]

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